Tuesday, July 11, 2006


YES! We do get all kinds
of serious comments and
some we have to ask our
"Carnac the Magificent"
to interpret the facts.

anonymous said..."The best way to say it is
"Selective Enforcement".If you are a realtor
or developer, then anything goes as seen by
the trashy silver stream and jones signs all
over town when old Rich and Schwartz are
not around. But if you don't play ball with
Dugger, watch out!
Who do these three
amigos think they are fooling?" 7:47 AM

anonymous said..."Earlier post has it right..
"Who do those three amigos think they are
fooling?" Nobody!
Just read comments
and you'll see residents are on to them!
Dugger, Alexander and Felts. We must
watch them very closely. The next work-
shop on ethics can spawn some nasty kinds
of retribution. Politics is a very messy and
unforgiving business. Watch'em 24/7."
7:37 PM

anonymous said..."How many mortgages
from People's Bank will be referred from
local realtor (T.Dugger) or from Fred
Smith Realty? No wonder this mayor is
always under suspicion. It is apparent
that we definitely don't need any realtors
in this town government." 9:20 AM

anonymous said..."Reasonable resident
Ballenger Farms asked Mayor and/or
Vice Mayor about the water shortage
signs posted in all subdivisions? Mayor
mumbled something
and then Vice-
Mayor said to man "the water shortage
is a NON-ISSUE...let's move along.
Mayor agreed
and they left the resid-
ent standing alone totally ignored.
3:41 PM

anonymous said.."I have to admire Dr.
Curtsinger for standing up to some-
times unbearable odds to represent
what most of us feel to be the issues.
He will certainly get the votes of a
majority of us here on Cowan Drive.
The rest of those guys should just
hang it up!" 12:29 PM

anonymous said..."The water issue
is an important concern and as we
build out this town it will come up
again, no matter who gets elected.
8:22 AM

anonymous said...I can't believe the

childlike antics I saw at the last town
meeting. Mr. Dugger was right out of
a reform school class for social destit-
utes. And that Felts who is running
for what he doesn't know what....not
the kind of man I would want. Tell me
more about that Alexander who cut
off that nice man from Ballenger
Farms. We might be new residents
but we still deserve respect. I am
hooked on this blog for information.
3:43 AM Posted by Picasa

annonymous said..."You GO Bloggers
you are way ahead of the curve and
"light" years ahead of the 3 amigos.
What a HOOT! These three charac-
ters in a sad way are fun to watch, but
this is a serious situation impacting
thousands of people. What we need to
GO DOOR TO DOOR...registering
people to vote for Dr. Curtsinger---
he is our only hope. Send him money
and tell him he has your vote."
1:39 AM

anonymous said..."The mayor and vice-
mayor brushed off this water issue when
asked about it as "not an issue." Then the
mayor says on interiew that "this is just
a hiccough" They clearly don't under-

stand the seriousness of the situation.
The water company even admits this is a
major issue. Clearly this shows people
with no understanding. We citizens
need to take a major issue." 8:55 AM

Send in your comments and tell
us about your suggestions. Emails
OK, too. Register to vote for 11/7.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody hear anything about the water meeting? We're told they met at 7 PM and a bunch of us want to know if they are going to stop all new home building and for how long? Of course the major and vice-mayor told us it was a non-issue?
Before this is over they will be a non-issue.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These recent issues really draw attention to the fact that we have strong prodevelopment people in town hall.
It doesn't surprise me at all when I hear them say they don't care......all we need is more development. Why do we want the same problems already given to Franklin and Nashville?

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

water is critical and do we have to put ourselves at any more risk than we are already?

11:37 AM  

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