Friday, July 07, 2006

Contined 7/6 BOMA Flag Waving Meeting OK's Resolution to Invest Town Funds in New Local Bank?

It's an election
year and many
are concerned
about the ????
impropriety of
the interim mayor
in his forced march
resolution to invest town funds
in a new local bank as an
attempt to exercise his autonomy.

Despite the advice of several in the meet-
ing calling attention to the fact that towns
like Nolensville cannot deposit investment
funds in a local bank that isn't a member
of the State Banking Collateral Pool. This
pool has 98 member banks, but the local
People's State Bank isn't a member.
makes no difference to interim mayor
"HE" has decided that's where our town's
funds should be placed.

Citizens asked the interim mayor "Why
leave First Tennessee Bank? Surely they
have an investment program to match
any other rate of return? The interim
mayor didn't answer the questions. But
he inferred he could get 4 times the
current rate of return.
This is fantasy-
land speak that nobody believes.

There is also a State Investment Pool
where the State puts it's investment
funds and is available to Nolensville.

Suggestion was made why not form a
Finance Committee and have them
research the best strategy and place to
put funds? Our autonomous interim
mayor "swept such aside" and pushed
the all too familiar "guaranteed major-
ity vote button"
made a motion--a
second swiftly appeared and the
resolution passed. No more comment
allowed. Done deal. Over and out!

Our interim mayor has absolutely no
financial investment experience and
neither does his guaranteed votes on
the board.
Come election time do not
forget who voted for this resolution--
Dugger, Alexander, Felts & Lothers.
(If we are lucky none of these people
will run for office--CARNAC KNOWS!

Are you as sick of this as we are? Take
a deep breath and set about registering
your friends and neighbors to vote.
Send in your suggestions & comments.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Boma was my first and maybe my last until after election. We were totally devastated at the indifference of the mayor to sound advice from those in attendance. Then to top it all off...he pushed through "his" resolution on the investment funds. We left meeting knowing he has an agenda that we do not know about?

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when can a single individual decide where to invest the town's
1 to 2 millions. Franklin doesn't and Brentwood doesn't. Who can we get to pull the plug on our interim
mayor's "power trip". Also "hobble" his three play mates. Jimmy, Larry & Beth? Don't think a code of ethics would stop this foursome? Call the Attorney General we need protection for the next three & one half months?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Dugger man needs pure education in social charm. I have never experienced anyone with such a vile personality.
It makes me wonder what must be so good that you would act in such a way?

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Beth lady wants to run for an office, but she needs to let us know how she is going to think about the issues. She can hide only so long under the rookie attitude. We don't need another Alexander in there!

7:50 AM  

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