Friday, July 07, 2006

Continued-7/6 BOMA Flag-Waving Meeting Ignored Local Citizen's Concern About Water Shortage?

Blog reader said--
"I came home last
week in 92 degrees
and turned on water
but nothing came

"Mr. Mayor what can
we expect for rest of

"What kind of reserve
does the water comp-
any have?"

Interim mayor noted that the water utility
is a private company and that town has no
control over water supply. He then asked
City engineer, to explain how town works
with water company. He reviewed the fact
that before each new housing development
town approves they had to get a letter say-
ing there was sufficient water supply.

Vice-Mayor interjected his comment that
this water shortage "WAS A NON-ISSUE"
and said "let's move on this is a non-issue."
Mayor agreed and moved on to next item
on agenda. Sound cold, callous and a really
don't care attitude about your lack of water?
You got that right and so did so did some 60
residents that were shocked at the lack of
concern about the water shortage.

Seems the interim mayor and staff are really
not concerned about any water shortage. Even
though water company has posted signs in all
11 housing developments restricting watering
lawn to two days.

What about a water reserve? What's wrong with
interim mayor meeting with water utility to find
out about reserves and what we can expect?

Despite the Vice-Mayor's callous "NON-ISSUE"
comment this is real and it is serious. Remember
this kind of performance it will help you know
how to vote in 11/7/06. Polls on blog show that
most people WILL NOT vote for interim mayor
or vice-mayor if they decide to run for any office!
We don't have to wonder why when you consider
how they ignore the water shortage.

Tell us about your water experiences and when
you have been without water recently?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Water, water everywhere, but not in Nolensville. Why? Well interim mayor & vice-mayor say it isn't important and they cannot be bothered. No, never mind keep approving more and more subdivisions. Water is someone else's problem. Come next election I hope our interim mayor is also someone else's problem.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bent Creek residents can only water lawns on Mon. & Thurs. per private water utility. Next sign will probably say tues., wed. and friday you can shower with a friend. Don't worrry Alexander the Pudmeister says..."it is a non-issue?" Register to vote today and help us make "Alex" a non-issue come the election.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I live in Bent Creek and came to the last meeting.
When we saw the lack of concern by the mayor and Vice mayor for our water concerns, I was outraged.
There was only one of them that was concerned about us and the mayor and his old man friend were very mean to them.
I will be there in November to help oust this mayor guy.

3:37 AM  

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