Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Local Realtor "Guts" House/Shop for Lease/Commercial in Suburban Residential?

Local suburban/resid-
ential home purchased
by realtor available for
commercial lease. Pro-
perty "gutted" in 5 days

Sign For Lease was posted almost immedia-
tely on Nolensville Rd. Now as far as we know
No Permits were pulled PRIOR TO WORK ,
No site plans, No Request for REZONING,
No health dept approval and No Certificate of
Appropriateness filed--which says NO WORK

How on earth could this have happened in
Nolensville? Surely our town engineer knows
about this? Surely Codes is well aware of it? So
how could all this work be completed without
the paper-work and necessary approvals?

Time to call upon our crack research team to
delve into the history of this property. Lo and
behold guess who purchased it? Kelley Realty
for some 300K. Same Kelley that owns strip
mall and holds the lease on town hall. Same
Kelley that is no doubt a member of our real
estate-un-elected interim mayor's network of
realtor associates. Can you say 2 plus 2 does
not equal 4, but maybe 5,6,7 or more mutual
working relationships?

Now it's down hill all the way. Easy to slip-
slide right past all that unnecessary paper
work. Why bother? REZONING will be a
piece of cake.
So what if you did all the work
prior to approval?
We can get some one to
fill out the paper work and put the proper
dates on every last bit of it. It's a MIRACLE!

WARNING! Don't you try this as a local, tax-
paying lowly resident. If you do you'll get a
nasty letter and threat of a whopping fine..
do not try it!

On the other hand if you are a local, well
connected realtor plugged into "the network"
will appear!!!

Look on the bright side! All these benefits
are because our town has a realtor-unelected-
interim mayor with friends who just happen-
ed to be realtors, too! Mystery is how does one
become a member of this group. You don't
period. Forget it if you aren't a realtor, broker
or facilitator (a go-fer or in-betweener) who
schmoozes both the buyer and the seller.

MORAL to this story? "Buyers are Liars, and
Sellers are Too!" Best selling book just publish-
ed and tells the real story.So what is an average
local resident TO DO? First, don't rock the
boat...stay under the radar and begin to help
register neighbors to vote in Nov. 7th, 06.

Send in your comments about your experiences
with obtaining permits and approvals from the
various town hall departments. Emails Ok, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do as we say...not as we do! So much for fair and equal treatment?
Follow the money trail who knows how far it will reach? At my age I know the answer and why these kinds of things happen? No surprises here...just the same old
good old boy network.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch for a resolution or ordinance
for "Non-Conforming" usage? I see one on the agenda. Don't know if it is this property? You never know when & where an approval appears and is OK'd faster than a speeding bullet. A guaranteed majority is a wonderful thing if they vote for you. Not, if they are voting against you. It's then you know who your real friends are? See you at the BOMA.

12:38 AM  

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