Sunday, June 25, 2006


No way are we going to analyze 6 years of
anybody's voting record--just the good stuff.
On 3/30/06 Alderman Felts made the follow-
ing tortured statements in a newspaper article
"I did what I said I would." and "I really don't
know what to do?"
Today he still doesn't know
whether to run again for alderman or mayor?
6/25/05 Felts said: "I'm running but I don't
know what I am running for?" (or from?).

Blog Reader said: "How can you expect him
(Felts) to lead? He only knows how to follow
someone's lead like Knapper. Hang it up,
Larry!" 6/26/06.

Sounds familiar doesn't it "I voted for it
before I voted against it." by some body
who lost big! (Hint: Flip/flopper Kerry).

Maybe we can help him decide? One way
streets don't bother Mr. Felts he can go

both ways almost at the same time?
Check out some of these facts.

1.Fire sprinkler systems required in all
new homes in town.
Felts voted to allow
developers an option not to do it.
later he voted to require systems in all
new homes. First OK ..then not required..
then OK must do it! Keep score the hard
stuff is coming later.

2. Felts voted for Bent Creek 8,000 sq. ft. or
less lots with narrow streets.
Later he voted
to increase lot sizes up to 11,000 sq. ft. with
same narrow streets. OK yes...then OK not!
Then OK with larger lots. Then yes we made
serious mistakes, but we won't do it again!
Felts known to say: "It's like building a barn
on a postage stamp." Town PUDS that is!

3.Felts voted for Ballenger Farms with nar-
row streets even though Dugger didn't vote
for it? Interim mayor Dugger said later "we
made a mistake with Ballenger Farms it
should have wider streets. (Felts should not
have voted for it.) This was a serious mistake."
First OK yes...then Dugger said they should
have voted NO. Poor Felts didn't know who
to follow?

4.Felts voted again and again to ignore the
2005 town survey of 3,000 residents who said
in their 500 replies NO to PUDs. OK to half
acre lots but nobody listened?

5. Felts over time voted for 11 Planned Unit
Developments or 1,900 homes. He didn't
make one motion to require any impact fees not one! Knapper didn't,
Dugger didn't, Alexander didn't! Only one
did-Curtsinger but nobody would second
his motion to make Brittain Downs support
our schools, fire/police or roads. Guess who
will pay for the additional town services re-
quired? Local resident voters get the bills!

6. Felts was appointed by previous mayor to
come up with a Code of Ethics many moons
Today much later Felts is still struggling
to compose a code. At last resort he acquired
another city's code and began adapting it to
some how serve as our town's code. To date
he is still agonizing over the text with little
help from fellow board members. Current
lawsuit pending against town suggests that
town delay code until after suit. Makes sense
to board and town attorney, but not to our
Fearless Felts who seems to delight in flying
directly into the fan blades and then wonder
what hit him? DUH?

Question? How would a Code of Ethics
in place today deal with all of Mr. Felt's
comings and goings. Rather awkward?

Stranger than fiction? How right you are?
Is this a 6 year record as alderman that
should be continued? Not really. So Mr.
Felts there is your answer. Now you know
what to do. Remember what blog readers
are saying....."Hang it up, Larry." Good
Advice is hard to come by...Larry.

Got some advice for Mr. Felts? Send it in
with your comments. ASAP. How else can
Mr. Felts decide what to do? Emails Ok, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember how he said in February meeting how ashamed he was of Nolensville and those of us in the audience because his Knapper had cut and run and left him to flounder. From those of us who were there Mr Felts.......just keep running, far and away. We are far more ashamed of you than you are of us. Remeber how you told us how dark a day it could not hyave been more wrong!!!!!!

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How correct you are blogmasters. Now you got felts being praised by this moses lady who seems to have love hate relationships with knapper and now dugger. She has praised them and stabbed them at same time. Now she turns out and supports felts who doesn't know what he is running for.Your history on felts is right down the pike and you should be commended for it.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live outside the city limits. But we follow all the antics of town hall. My neighbors ask me who is this Moses woman and why does she cause so much trouble? We do not know her, but she seems to turn up in town meetings confusing people. She like us cannot vote, but she does confuse people? Keep doing good work on the candidates and problems facing our town. Thanks for the truthful information.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:46 thanks for asking about Moses. Like you we are UGB people with no vote. We are continually amazed at the line-up of characters holding public office in Nolensville. It has got to be too tempting for writers of this blog to mess with the minds of some of these people. We thoroughly enjoy your on-target humor don't lose it. Your reports on ISSUES are dead-on right! Tip:
do 75% issues and 25% humor. We love it don't stop now!

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I knew how to write a book I would do a best seller on Nolensville. You guy's post on the G-Man's sandbox bulletin board kept us "howling" for hours! Don't forget Ms. M/Busy Body who promised only to post "good news" on the B/Board? Two seconds later she is pounding everybody in sight.
Remember in 2/06 meeting she wanted everyone to sing with her and hold a fist high in the air???
Town issues come first and you're doing great giving us colorful pictures, serious issues and humor.
Just cannot beat it! Stay strong...we love the blog!

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears the "good news" website has now becme a machine for development freaks and realtors.
You were apparently correct in your assesment. Keep blogging!

3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Felts still running?

For what?

He don't know!


But don't worry, he will change his position on that too!

6:08 AM  

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