Monday, July 10, 2006


Blog's very own Carnac
predicted a major water
shortage & it is here?
Plus the certainty of a
suspension of all NEW
for an indefinite period.
Only the "blog"
got it right! Nolensville's unelected, interim
mayor & vice-mayor got it all WRONG!

In last thursday's BOMA meeting the inter-
im mayor and vice-mayor "brushed aside"
a local resident who asked about water short-
age? Their answer was."IT IS A NON-ISSUE.
WOO-HA? Nothing to it right? Mr.Mayor?

Well thousands have just watched Ch. 4/TV
broadcast a very serious report on the water
shortage right here in Nolensville and the
certainty of moratorium on home building.

The interim mayor interviewed by Ch4/TV
said this was "only a temporary hic-up"?
Can you believe this mayor's total lack and
/or grasp of REALITY??
He said his plann-
ing commission would not approve anymore
new home developments. DUH? Nolensville
5 million gallon tank under construction to
come on-line in one year. 2 million gallon
existing tank not enough water NOW!

Just for starters let's consider what a legally
binding building moratorium does and how
far does it reach and affect people's business?

First, no more new homes being built means
no more building permits and no more money
for Nolensville and town budget.
If the 2005
budget overspent some 26% or $225,000 one
can only imagine what this will do to the new
2006 budget?

Second, what about home developers who
have secured a line of credit to begin build-
ing on a tight schedule to avoid making
"huge" payments to the bank?
Does this
really mean Brittian Downs and Centex/
Nichols developments plus many more are
stopped "dead" no activity whatsoever???
What about all the sub-contractors they
can't wait they will go elsewhere for work.

Third, all these new homes have water
sprinklers a system that requires adequate
water pressure 24/7.
No pressure means
homes could burn down before local
maxed-out fire departments could arrive.
Then comes the law suits from home own-
ers, insurance companies and banks for

Fourth, in-ground lawn sprinkler systems
use 5 times more water than anyone ever
planned on! Plus new homes are also using
5 times more water...they are much bigger.

HELLO! Mr. Unelected, Interim Mayor
and your "side-kick" Vice-Mayor who to-
gether said "Water shortage is a NON-
Besides we obtain a letter from
the private water company that assures
everyone that the water supply is more
than adequate.
QUESTION? Mr. Mayor what good are
those water company letters NOW?
How come you Mr. Mayor and your
dwindling support group haven't sat
down with water company to find out
what is going on???

You have approved 11 home develop-
ments surrounding Nolensville??
Does this mean most of them will not
be able to finish building the entire
How many lawsuits
do you think the town can handle?

Where was your town Planning Com
Why didn't they anticipate
this water shortage and stop approv-
ing hundreds more new homes???

Unfortunately, for you Mr. Interim
Mayor as you well know this is an
election year
. Nolensville will be
voting on a new mayor and two new
aldermen. Over 53% local residents
have said they wouldn't vote for you
and/or the vice-mayor if you run.
Therefore, Mr. Dugger and Mr. Alex-
ander "don't even think about it!"

Tell us your water stories and just how
you feel about your local government
leaders? TIP: conserve your water and
fill up the bathtub with fresh water.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn about the poor developers financial problems.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent TV report on Nolensville water situation. Overall the so-called planning for all 11 of these new home developments couln't have been any worse. This is INEXCUSEABLE. Knapper and Dugger as part timers to this day don't have the qualifications to do what needs to be done. Mother Nature has stepped in and stopped this runaway development drive for money. Thank God!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 PM on Ch.5 Television they ran a very short clip on Nolensville water shortage. Cameraman shot Dugger from the ground up on his face. He started mumbling, hesitating and finally said "it may be time for a break and not build new homes for a while." What a revelation now that we are short on water and can't get more anywhere? Well we were warned..."He said he didn't know what the future holds. I'm not a mind reader." Blog poll shows 65% of people gave Dugger's planning commission and F-Minus! Tell the interim mayor not to run for anything...just stay on the porch!

1:05 AM  

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