Monday, July 10, 2006


the Pudmeister
"Puds won't work."

Freddie Felts
the Keeper of
the "Code!"
"I'm running?"
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Un-elected Interim
Mayor Dugger.
"Water shortage is
a non-issue."

"Alexander, Dugger & Felts who do those
3 AMIGOS think they are fooling? Nobody!"
Blog reader comments on our three most
controversial holders of public office. After,
last town meeting, people were very upset
as to how residents were treated when they
asked questions about the town's water
supply. Alexander, vice-mayor told a local
resident that "the water shortage is a NON-
ISSUE so let's move on down the agenda."

Monday evening at 6 PM Ch.4/TV reported
on Nolensville water shortage. During the
report interim mayor said.."this is only a
temporary hic-up" but planning commiss-
ion probably won't approve anymore homes.
DUH? Let's wait till Tuesday evening meet-
ing at local water dept..wanna bet no more
approvals for new homes will happen?

Thanks to this trio of troubled public office
holders local voters have given them a vote
of NO CONFIDENCE. Blog poll shows 53%
will not vote for them if they run for office.

People have lost all confidence in anything
that they do. Especially, suspect is any resol-
ution that requires interim mayor's special
"guaranteed majority" to swing into action.

65% of poll voters gave the interim mayor's
planning commission a F-Minus report.

You can bet the Governor's Club with mill-
ion dollar homes probably already has an
attorney asking the water utitlity for some
kind of guarantee for their water supply.
Remember, our interim mayor and vice-
mayor said "this is a NON-ISSUE. Nothing
to it..not necessary to even talk about it.

Heads Up! 7/13/06 Planning Commission
meets to public..and trained
observers of a local government in trouble.

Next, comes a workshop on ethics. No date
has been set, but it is open to public.

Send your comments and sightings of the
not so famous "3-amigos" on 4-wheelers
traveling through town looking for support-
ers to sign file documents to maybe run for
some office? Not certain which one?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You GO Bloggers you are way ahead of the curve and "light" years ahead of the 3 amigos. What a HOOT!
These three characters in a sad way are fun to watch, but this is a serious situation impacting thousands of people. What we need to do is BRING IN THE MARINES TO GO
DOOR TO DOOR..registering people to VOTE FOR DR. CURTSINGER---HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE. Send him money and tell him he has your vote.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mayor and vice mayor brushed off this water issue when asked about it as "not an issue".
Then mayor says on interview that " this is just a hiccough".
They clearly don't understand the seriousness of the situation.The water company even admits this is a major issue.
Clearly this shows people with no understanding.
We citizens need to take a major issue!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, lets all send him our hard earned money while he sits on his fat ass and refuses to work so his creditors will not garnish his wages. If we send him enough of our money maybe his poor wife won't have to work 2 jobs.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Nolensville Resident said...

Keep it up WRGOIN!

The Three Amigos is a fitting term for these nimrods and I would have a tough time deciding who is Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, or Martin Short.

Speaking of water, it's funny how this situation reminds me of a scene from the Three Amigos where they don't take water into the desert!

High and dry and very little brains!

11:39 PM  

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