Saturday, May 06, 2006

Last thurs.5/4 BOMA-BUDGET Meeting Attendance Very Low!

Seems Nolensville citizens aren't really inter-
ested in Town's Budget SOoooo eventually
our $$$ chickens will come home to (roost)

much to the absolute surprise of everyone
including our town leaders. Since our in-
terim mayor's father passed away he could
not attend the meeting. Vice-mayor Alex-
ander again tried to chair the meeting with-
out having any facts to offer on the budget.

Even though not many attended the meeting
it was difficult to ask any questions about the
budget. No lowly citizen is allowed to have a
copy of the existing budget and there probably
isn't any existing copy/draft of the next 2006-
07 budget.

Do you get the uneasy feeling the "blind are
leading the blind on the town budget?". You
wonder about existing budget? Are we ahead
or behind? Where will budget be June 30th?
Has anyone prepared a new 2006-07 budget
and can lowly citizens get a preliminary copy?

Question was asked "How much money has
the town collected for adequate facilities taxes?

Remember this is the $2,000 or more for each
new home building permit. No dead certain
accurate answers were offered.
The existing
annual budget for this item shows $400,000.
with Ytd Actual at $717,740 as 0f 4/30/06. But
another facilities tax figure of $1,126,413.84
surfaced in the treasurer's report of 5/2/06.
Yes, your guess is as good as anyone's? Yes,
this money (per state) can only be spent on
certain a new fire truck. But
not a penny can be spent on general fund

We won't bore you with anymore dull, dead
budget details except just one (sorry) can you
believe the Miscellaneous Fund is 338.53%
over budget??? Budget was $9,425. and as of
4/30/06 town has spent $41,331.24. WOW!
That's a whole lot of "miscellaneous" stuff
stuffed into a single budget item
. Wonder
what is in it? Can you say dumpster account?

Travel account is 157.96% over budget? And
there is only $2,808. in Legal Fund?
Is that
enough for lawsuits like the man in the moon...
Mr. Moon, that is? (BTW Mr. Moon lost his
re-election run for county commissioner.)
How much $$$'s for Frank Wilson's lawsuit
waiting in the wings? Hovering over his new
scenic duck pond along side new cemetery
road courtesy of Bent Creek road builders.

Nolensville needs a professional city manager,
accountant and contract pro on the job 24/7!
NOW! We cannot afford not to hire this person.
No one on the board or in the commissions is
qualified to do this job assignment. Why not
hire a professional to create new year's budget?

Can you believe this? We are now down to one
last BOMA-Budget meeting on 6/1/06 to find
out what's in existing budget and next year's
budget? Probably have a Public Reading part
of meeting for lowly citizens
and then "speed-
read" next year's budget and vote on it ala' the
old guaranteed majority scheme...done deal!
Just in time for 7/1/06 budget deadline. So
much for full disclosure...due process and
open detailed discussions--lowly citizens are
just too...too..."slow & uninformed" we the
elected ones...only we can devise all the ways
to "cook-the-books" and say everything is OK
and balances! Trust us we know what's best
for Nolensville even though we have made very
serious mistakes--that we don't talk about.

People of Nolensville...time is is time
for each one of you to act now to change this
"slip-sliding" into no reponsibility land. Tell
us how you really feel about this leadership!

CLICK HERE for info on new Nolensville total
property assessment of $82 million that will
drop tax rate from 4 cents to 2 or 3 cents. But
no one knows what town budgets will do to the
future tax rates?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ever get the feeling that they have hidden a problem the former mayor helped to create and now comes the time of reckoning.

Hey Larry Felts!

Why didyou not know anything at that meeting?Truly in keeping with your former dismal performance.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the good people of Nolensville feel they came and asked for fairness from the town leaders and now they will trust them to do so... Or come election day they will judge who will stay and who will be voted out, SIMPLE !
Lets give them time to get their act together as they say.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the $7 million old Knapper took when he cut and ran?
Did he hide it in his suitcase?

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that Lew Green has been re-elected as a county commissioner maybe we could get him to help Nolensville interim mayor to put together a new budget? After that last meeting, God knows, we need help! In new 93 movie, "people said no one is or can help us. We are going to have to do this ourselves." Surely there is an accountant and/or a CPA in our town that would help if we asked.
Come on people this is serious!

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I understand correctly that a property tax paying resident of Nolensville cannot go to city hall and see a copy of the budget? Or that proposed budgets were not available to the public attending the meeting? This is public information. Do the Aldermen and woman even have this info?
Unfortunately, I travel a lot for work and have been unable to attend meetings, but the budget and it's results should be available to anyone who is a resident of Nolensville, and also to business owners and commerical property owners, since they pay taxes too and have a stake in how the money is spent.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We went to last BOMA/BUST MEETING.
WHAT A waste of our time...nobody there that knew anyting. Interim mayor missing and "Tonto" his sidekick was there but left his info script at home? Local preacher closed meeting with revival sermon? What's wrong with this picture? Everything! A town with 82 million $$$'s of real estate and absolutely NO LEADERSHIP?

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last Boma-Bust Meeting was a total waste of our time. They closed meeting with a local preacher telling everyone peace was the only way to get along...which is exactly what we did we got up and left.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello 10:35 PM....ain't no peace in the valley with this bunch of losers gimping along trying to act like they knew what they were doing. Call the Tennessee State's Attorney and get someone out here to account for the MONEY??????

10:40 PM  

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