Friday, June 02, 2006


Promise not to tell anybody? Ok, Dugger **
and Alexander** got caught for failing to
adequately fund the Fire and Police Dept's.
Added to that they had to admit they had
already used funds from the "Adequate
Facilities Tax" account to fund nobody
knows how many other budget accounts?

In a normal budget meeting the interim
mayor would present an "Executive Sum-
mary"walk-thru of the budget line by line.

Of course in Nolensville this didn't happen?
Why? You Ask? Well for starters the interim
mayor seems unable to do it line by line.
Last nite almost in every case our town
attorney spoke on behalf of the interim
mayor. Dugger sat there silent and
seemingly unable to give solid answers
about the budget.

They didn't know people were watching
them so close. Using the budget sub-com-
mittee work and their own deliberate "smoke
& mirrors"they bragged that the 2007 budget
balanced with a surplus of $54,000.

Hold that thot...because here comes the Fire
Chief asking questions? Mr. Mayor where's
the $16,000 I still need in my budget?
said in last meeting you would get back to me.
Nobody called me...haven't heard a thing?
Mayor replied, who was supposed to call you?
Great answer from our "in-charge" interim
mayor? CLICK HERE for town fire dept.

Police Chief joined in by asking where is the
money for the 2 additional officers I asked
for in my budget?

At this point in the meeting the air hung very
heavy with the small crowd in attendance be-
coming very disgusted with D & A cutting
funds to the fire and police departments.

Finally, the interim mayor confessed that they
had indeed cut funds to fire and police dept's
so they could give town hall employees a small
Interim mayor also added a cheap shot
at the fire chief like.."well you insisted on all
new homes must have sprinkler systems" so
we assumed (wrong) that you wouldn't need
any more staff and equipment? Profound!!!!

Question was raised who really does know the
state law about using adequate facilities tax
Answer: nobody! But town attorney
read the law and said "it is really unclear what
you can use the monies for unless you just use
it for new equipment, new surveys, etc. But not
for wages, expenses in general fund. "Reason-
ably related expenses" whatever that means?

After are very long and painful silence interim
mayor proposed an amendment to use funds
from "adequate facilities tax" account to give
fire dept. their requested budget amount. And
also fund the Police dept's budget request by
using funds from the ???$54,000 budget sur-
plus. No one knows exactly how this budget
was cobbled how many accounts
were funded by using monies from adequate
facilities tax fund??
Is the town budget in jeo-
pardy and can the State come in and demand
that budget be properly funded according to
their guidelines? Nobody knows?

One thing is sure recent national surveys again
show that Tennessee government is among the
top 10 most corrupt and mis-managed in the
Our local D & A (twins helped our state
achieve this dubious distinction!). Remember,
D on A stands for Dugger & Alexander's Dead
on Arrival 2007 Budget.

Although very few local citizens attended this
BOMA meeting on the budget...those that did
witnessed a disorganized and disjointed attempt
to secure approval for 2007 budget. This proves
beyond all doubt why our interim mayor and vice
mayor are totally unqualified and unprepared
to lead our town.

Dugger's feeble attempt to justify his budget
mess was "Well in a Perfect World" all the
accounts and revenues would come in as
predicted and everything would be OK!
Audience was treated to the "Perfect
World" excuse at least 10 times..we lost

Beth alderwoman asked why
town paid one Mr. Don Swartz to work 6 hours
per week tracking down code violations for $50.
per hour? No answer! $300 down the drain for
a person nobody in town really likes...his public
relations are zero? How many more things like
this are hidden away in the budget nobody gets
to see and analyze prior to approval???

Folks you missed the most lame and pathetic
budget meeting ever!
Budget passed despite
the audience being totally in the dark and
digusted with the whole process. More to
come in next post.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends who attended this meeting were shocked to see how the mayor and vice mayor appeared to be hoping no one would challenge the fact they were hiding from their responsibilities. They did not want to show that the town really doesn't have the funds to continue at it's current pace.
Annd we know dugger has admitted he has no plan for the future.......not even able to visualize some future as he can't predict the future or read minds.

6:29 AM  

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