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"HISTORIC NOLENSVILLE" area needs all the
help our citizens can give! Photo above shows
outdoor historic area dining as it could be with
help from our town leaders, local citizens and
this new website.

CLICK HERE for new "Historic Nolensville."
We assume "Darin" from Feed Mill is the main
force behind this new website and that's good!
His overall redesign of his property will start the
ball rolling in the historic area. Be sure to tell
him "thank you" for his investment in Nolens-

Local citizens will remember our previous
mayor promising to do big things for the
historic area i.e. sewer grants, antique light-
ing, brick walk ways, quaint shops and re-
design streets. Sad to say he really only want-
ed big commercial enterprises that will pay
"fat" taxes to town. (Town needs a balance of
both...not one to the exclusion of all others!)

Historic Nolensville area as pictured on one of
the many Bent Creek sales brochures is much
closer to what people want. And it is why they
moved here. Quaint antique shops, unique res-
taurants,craft shops, Bed & Breakfast,Furnit-
ure Refinishing & Chair canning and new Feed
Mill Complex. These are just a start & very much
worth keeping in business. Strip malls and
"big-box" stores aren't what current residents
and new people want in Nolensville.

Problems to overcome? Need sewers in entire
area via Mill Creek extension? Need new street
traffic pattern--i.e. Open Sam Donald "dead-
end" absolutely no reason to close it..period!

Extend King Street North to Sunset and then
create short connecting streets off King street
to Nolensville road for a real town square pat-
tern. Add old brick walk ways and antique light-
ing in historic area. Also draft binding design
rules to create a geniune historic "feel" for the
total area. This overall effort will only succeed
if driven by local citizens who have a stake in
the area. Current Historic and Planning Com-
mission according to our polls rate an F-minus
for lack of planning and performance.

Come November 2006 with a new Mayor and a
new team of appointed & qualified people in all
positions on boards, commissions and commit-
tees the Historic area will begin to come alive.

Let's all get behind this new Historic website!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Historic area is what Nolensville is all about! Heritage is how a town retains its place in history.
The Bent Creek sales brochure in your picture is what people remember about Nolensville. And yet, this area is "nonexistant" to occupants of town hall. Both mayor's(previous & current) haven't the slightest interest in developing our historic area. Only a grass roots local citizen's team will make it happen. Combined with a new Mayor's team in 11/06. Let's support Historic Nolensville area.

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