Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Nolensville Design/Review Committee to Find & Reclaim Quaint/Small Town Atmosphere?

(Our Mill Creek Right? No!But it could be if
local citizens got together and demanded it!)

A Design Review Committee is being formed to
serve the Town of Nolensville. (What happened
to Planning Commission & Historic Team?)
The Committee will make recommendations to
enhance and preserve the quaint, small town
charm of Nolensville. (Precious little left? Old
Historic Area without sewers?) This committee
will study community models (Planning Com-
mission already did this? Ask Mr. Haines who
went to Pleasant Hill?) and propose design
standards for new commercial buildings.

(Good Luck! Sonic has already landed, Blue
Bell is here, 2-Banks & a Re-Do on Old Feed
Mill). What do they all have in common?
Nothing! Quaint they ain't! Small and charm-
ing? Not really? And an electronics store is just
about to pop-up on Nolensville retail strip
with neon lights/logo and retail razzle dazzle?
TIP: watch and see if city has any control over
this new retail store? It won't happen cause the
store is Mr. Fred Y. developer of Brittain Downs.
City refused to get him to pay one cent of impact
fees on his luxury $400k to $700k development.

All interested citizens are encouraged to sub-
mit their name with a short description of what
they believe they can contribute to the commit-
tee. Citizens with architectural or design exper-
ience are specifically needed. (Which means you
work for FREE!)

Submissions may be dropped off at Town Hall
to the attention of Alderman Weaver-Lothers
by June 1st. (Hop to it...committee has only 6
months until November to do miracles). After
that a new board will take over and decide if
the committee will live or die?
Committees are formed when nobody knows
what to do and it guarantees nothing will get
done. BUT office-holders can point to commit-
tee and say look how much it appears we are
doing? And it makes the voters happy. They
stop bugging interim mayor for a while.

If this was a "serious" effort to produce an
overall town design for Nolensville city leaders
would hire a professional, qualified team to do
it. They would present their plan to a public
meeting for feedback and final approval by
board. This would include inside track on how
to secure grants to pay for it.

Sorry...folks this is a page out of the "kick the
can down the road" manual for politicans run-
ning for office. Worst part of really works!

Old "cut-n-run" previous mayor always told
people in historic area...don't worry I will get
some "grants" for sewer and antique lights,
old brick walk-ways and quaint shops. Turn-
ed out it was total (b.s.). He didn't care a twit
about historic area.
Now we're gonna get a
new committee? To do what? Recommend
something to Planning & Historic commissions
and then onto board. Those four steps will take
6 months. No need to worry then, the town will
be safely in the hands of professionals. New
Mayor and 24/7 City Manager. This team will
appoint qualified and prepared people ready
to serve without any conflicts of interest.

Our challenge as local voting citizens is to keep
the current inmates in town hall from doing too
much damage. This means you gotta continue
to attend meetings and make your opinion count.
Six months of this current town hall performance
could really set the town back for years...
let it happen! Help us keep the pressure on!

Keep those comments coming, emails too! Tell
your neighbors and friends to keep reading the
blog for the best behind the scenes happenings.
Polls show people look to the blog for the truth
about local government and the people trying
to run it. Comments welcome and suggestions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Another "committee" authorized by #1 and #2 interim mayors. That's D & A (dugger & alex) approvals and "dead on arrival". Of all things we don't need another committee? Blog is right a committee won't wake up until 6 months...then who cares?
Can we quarantine and isolate part or all of our local government until November? Think about it?
Nolensville could be the first in the nation. Remember "we're mad as
hell and we're not going to put up with this anymore.?"

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:52 got it dead on right! Planning commission and Bent Creek way back in B.C. before Bent Creek started had a plan to create small retail center in east end of BC next the Sam Donald Dead End? Poking around in old minutes I see PC more or less let it die and BC did, too? A committee won't get it done! Maybe a motivated citizens group outraged over the neglect and non-existent planning could, but not local government.
Pray for new leaders come NOV!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW.....IMHO...what's with this so-called Nolensville Register site? I stumbled across it and am totally confused? It appears they have only 2 contributors to comment? One has posted some 81 posts and another 5o or so. Who are these people? Is this for real or is it a very bad joke. Who is the G-Man?? A 50 year old who never grew up or what??? Isn't Gordon Liddy the authentic G-Man?
Wouldn't want Gordon on my way! The other one calls herself "Busy Body" how painfully true. There's a full page of requirements that you have to agree to in order to become and member of what? A bulletin board?
This "blog" is the best thing that ever happen to Nolensville...the truth will prevail...come Nov. 06!

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day LATE and a dollar short.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Busy Body was someone who cared about the Town of Nolensville . Is she running for Mayor Too...?

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Info for 11:11 PM...Busy Body everybody knows is Lynda Moses. She has good intentions, but gets carried away at times. Oldtimers are used to her...newcomers are probably puzzled. Living outside the city limits means she cannot vote. Nevertheless, she works very hard to improve town. It appears she and the website manager post messages for others who may not know how or don't have computers.
As a result the posts are confusing and almost useless. But,
it's a free country so everybody can do their own thing. Some are far more effective than others?
A bulletin board of coming events,
birthdays and classified ads is really a waste of valuable website
space. So shuffle on...whatever floats yer boat? Polls show most people prefer the original Nolensville Blog WSRGOIN for actual
& accurate news about our local government. Carry on as you were!
PS: WSRGOIN doesn't require any agreements, memberships, good behavior oaths...nuthing...just enjoy reading it and comment..period. No strings attached...freedom for all!

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy the new blog as it serves a different purpose. I have relied on it's community information several times, as others have.
Now what time is that Church Revival Tuesday night...Sorry, wrong site.
A newspaper has different sections. So why not have a blog choice ... so who will do the Nolensville sports section ?
As the poster mentioned FREEDOM !
As far as Lynda, she is a thoughtful Lady who Loves the Lord and the community. She and others would like to see good schools, safe roads and Local elected leaders that care about this community also.

She has blessed people with her acts of kindness and does not go around bragging about it.

Is she perfect? Who is.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WRGOIN gets it done! Poll proves it is the only up to the minute site with what's happening right now!
BOMA MEETING CHANGED TO FIRST TUESDAY..6/6/06 tell everybody. Last chance for budget answers.
No notice on town hall website?
$7,000 down the drain? No budget
on website? Webmaster too busy selling real estate. Worst of all
it takes 90 days to fire webmaster.
He's supposed to attend BOMA meeting we're told? He doesn't so let's fire him & get a professional. All in favor say Yes!

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but who picked the first one and who will pick the next?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously Mayor Knapper and Mr. Lenderman were friends so one of them hatched the idea.
The site is not the problem; it is excellent.
The problem is that the person being paid a high salary for minimum work now, is not even doing the minimum required by his contract.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold that thot 10:00 just occured to me Lenderman has already "breached" the contract so therefore we don't have to fire him
just send him a letter informing him that his services (ha?) are no longer needed and/or wanted. His failure to fulfill the contract is all we long Lenderman...time's up no more inside gravy train. Maybe now we can get minutes on website within 5 days after meetings. Website needs a suggestion/complaint box so people can email their comments into town hall.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is time to stop the GIVE AWAYS to friends of the MAYOR.

8:25 AM  

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