Saturday, September 01, 2007

Guess Who Got Most of Hu's $$$$'s in Corrupt Political Contributions?

  1. Mr. Hu decided
    he was safer in
    jail than being
    another victim

    of Clintonista's
    growing list of
    missing persons?

    1. Hillary Clinton $180,000 & growing
    2.DSCC-Democrats $150,000.
    3.Democratic Services $140,000.
    4.Andrew Cuomo $120,000.
    5.Eliot Spitzer $100,000.
    6.Tom Harkin $80,000.
    7. Ed Rendell $80,000.
    8. Ted Kennedy $40,000.
    9. TN Democrats $40,000.
    10. Democrats $40,000.
    11. Barack Obama $5,000.

    Mr. Hu's top 11 receivers of his
    political donations as of today.
    No doubt the tip of the iceberg.
    Mr. Hu knows when to hide behind
    the protection of he U.S. Federals.
    When the Clinton's decide to drop
    you a U.S. Marshal can be your
    very best friend to keep the
    Clinton Mafia off your back.

    Democrats Hit by Hsu-nami.....
    Hillary Donor Case goes to
    court on 9/7/07 but don't hold
    your breath. This isn't the first
    court/Judge that the Clinton's
    haven't bought off with their
    campaign funds!


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