Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hillary's Donor a Fugitive for 15 Years, Surrenders in California Court? More Clinton Corruption!

Read NYTimes story about Clinton Corruption!

The next best thing to a Clinton in Hand
has to be a donor frog-marched to jail!

Norman Hsu, a prominent Democratic donor
who had raised hundreds of thousands of
dollars for candidates, turned himself in to
the authorities yesterday in California,
where there was a 15-year-old warrant for
his arrest in a fraud case. Mr. Hsu was
promptly hand-cuffed and jailed, the latest
twist in a fast-moving political event in
which candidates in the upcoming 2008
presidential campaign as well as in state and
local races, have rushed to return money
... all "rats" running hard to give back the
dirty cash money before anyone will know?

Hillary says she will give back money to a
charity? How about telling us what charity
and show us the checks? Hillary, Bubba
and daughter have their own non-profit
charity that they give pennies to and take
salaries for administration costs.

The timing here is great. This will bring
heavy pressure on the judge to uphold
the subpoenas that will finally put the
beast and clinocchio on a witness stand
under oath. Sept 7 is the hearing, the
decision should be the 10th, the 11th
would be better, however.

Is this a great county or what? Clinton's
are running free collecting all kinds of
crooked money including Chinese and
are never confronted about it?


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