Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nolensville Mayor Plans New Economic Development Committee to See if Highest Impact Fees in State Stop Commercial Development?

What is wrong with this picture? Mayor says,
"They (new committee) will look at the adequate
facilities tax and impact fees to make sure we're
in line with other communities and not deterring
commercial development."

DUH? Come again? Really? Kinda late isn't it?
Who needs another committee? Mayor must
have forgotten that she passed and put into
immediate enforcement the highest impact
fees in the our State and compared to most
other States?

Yes..Mayor, you are so right when you say..
"We're obviously shooting ourselves in the foot."

$25,000 worth of fees before one can build
a new 3,000 sq. ft. home in Nolensville is the
very highest!

Don'tcha think someone on the board would
have thought about this prior to passing the
highest impact fees in the state?

Now that the fees are the law and in place
suddenly the Mayor and the Board are worried
about the effect on future commercial develop-

To answer the Mayor's questions..."How
business-friendly are we? (Not very...when
you bump up against the 2 codes enforcers?).

"What can we do to support our businesses?"
(If the Mayor and Board cannot answer this
question today we are in trouble?). Another
committee won't help at all!

"What types of businesses would like to come?"
Probably NONE! Now that the impact fees
are the highest in the state?

Finally, appointing another "committee" is
what happens when the current leadership
doesn't know what to do? So to avoid any
kind of negative report about their lack of
responsibility dump it on a committee.
If nothing happens it is the committee's

Yes...indeed for ten years or more the board
failed to charge any impact fees at all! So the
current Mayor decides to "leaf-frog" all the
fees overnight to make up for the lack of fees
over the past ten years? And then she thinks
outloud whether they are too high and if the
town will suffer for the highest fees in the
The answer is YES! No new committee
is needed. More responsible leadership is

what is needed. No need to push off the re-
sponsiblity to a committee
. Hello! Mayor!
Hello! Board just do what you were elected
to do...lead!

Click Here for Tennessean Article.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an admission to the press? The Mayor needs a press agent to speak to the media for her. Too late to call back the highest impact fees! The damage has already been done to the smaller business people and future buyers of lower priced homes. Anybody planning to build a $700,000 house up isn't worried about impact fees. Sorry Mayor you cannot hide behind a committee or your board.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the slow down will allow time and money needed for neededRoad Improvements BEFORE even more growth.

1:22 PM  

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