Monday, July 09, 2007

CHUTZPAH.... HAS A NAME & IT'S, CLINTONISTAS! 52 % of Americans will Vote "NO" to a perjurer and a sociopath in 2008!

Former President Bill Clinton criticized President
Bush on Tues for commuting the prison sentence
of I. Lewis Libby Jr. and tried to draw a distinction
from his own controversial pardons.

Yes, that’s right. The perjurer who sold pardons
for fun and profit is criticizing Bush for commut-
ing Libby’s sentence. My friends, that kind of
chutzpah ought to be bottled up and sold on the
market, so pure and potent is it.

In Iowa to promote the presidential candidacy
of his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of
New York, Mr. Clinton was asked by a radio host,
David Yepsen, “You had some controversial
pardons during your presidency; what’s your
reaction to what President Bush did?”

“Yeah, but I think the facts were different,”
Mr. Clinton said. “I think there are guidelines
for what happens when somebody is convicted.
You’ve got to understand, this is consistent
with their philosophy; they believe that they
should be able to do what they want to do,
and that the law is a minor obstacle.”

Replace the “theys” with an “I” and you have
the truth.
We’re looking at a true sociopath
here, a man who never let a pesky little thing
like the law get in the way of a good time, a
man who turned the Oval Office into the next
best thing to a brothel, a man whose serial
indiscretions earned the official desigination
of “bimbo eruptions,” lecture Bush on the
single commutation of a sentence that was
the result of a highly dubious investigation
into a crime that never occurred. And this
man might wind up back in the White House.

“It’s wrong to out that C.I.A. agent and wrong
to try to cover it up,” Mr. Clinton added. “And
no one was ever fired from the White House
for doing it.”

Well, that’s because Richard Armitage did it,
and he didn’t work in the White House at the
time. But it’s a useful lie, so Bill Clinton is the
surest man on earth to wield it.

Mr. Clinton pardoned 140 people in the final
hours of his presidency, including Marc Rich,
the fugitive broker who had been charged with
evading tens of millions of dollars in taxes, and
who was the former husband of a top donor to
Democrats and Mrs. Clinton’s first Senate camp-

Rather than tread lightly on the Libby commu-
tation, the Clintons have chosen to confront it;
Clinton advisers said there was no real alternat-
ive, because the news media would bring up the
Rich pardon anyway.

They’ve chosen to confront it they way they
choose to confront everything–by lying, dis-
sembling, and then going on the offensive.

Just let the record show that Mr. Clinton is
a perjurer who had his license to practice
before the Supreme Court taken away.

Let the record show that he sold pardons
to his rich friends. Let the record show that
he’s still a brazen liar.

And let the record show that it was his pal Sandy
Berger who stole sensitive documents from the
National Archives, hid them under a trailer,
then took them home and destroyed them to
cover up something that the Clintonistas didn’t
want going public, and remember that Berger’s
actions made the 9-11 Commission’s work in-
complete, and we’ll never know what he cover-
ed up.

And let the country remember the missing Rose
law firm billing records that mysteriously turned
up in the Clintons’ White House residence, and
all the rest of that sordid mess that the Clintons
drag around with them like a trailer park full of
skeletons wherever they go.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Clinton parade of convicted felons, liars and unconvicted crimminals. God Help Us All if they buy their way back into the White House. This twosome is a sad commentary on American Justice. Vote NO for the Hilldadbeast!

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