Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hillabeast Wants It Both Ways?

Hildabeast has
waddled thru one
scandal after another
and thumbed her nose
at the laws and sub-
ponaes more flagrantly,
than any living individ-
ual in American history!

Two years to turn over the Rose Law Firm
billing records. Craig Livingstone just walks
in and orders 1,100 Secret FBI files?

If this clown steals the Oval Office, and with
the Patriot Act in her back pocket, I can
already hear Joe Stalin laughing, along with
Krushcev. Oh yes, wasn't her Masters thesis
on ~Marxist Socialist Overthrow of the
U.S. Govt~?

Wanting It Both Ways?
This story illustrates why Hillary Clinton
annoys so many Americans.Even though
Senator Clinton is running on the basis of
her "experience" -- most notably her tenure
as First Lady -- archivists at the Clinton
Library are refusing to release relevant
records that would enable scrutiny of those
years.Obviously, it's an example of wanting
it both ways, a sense of entitlement that has
marked Clinton's entire career in public life.

It's of a piece with her refusal to sit down for
questioning on any of the Sunday morning
shows during her 2000 run for the Senate
and her willingness to use her Secret Service
detail to keep reporters at bay.

It's even similar to the conflicting impulses
America saw on display during her husband's
White House years, when half the time she
claimed the mantle of policy expert but then
hid behind traditional First Lady trappings
when the going got tough.

Her own ambivalence and shape-shifting,
coupled with her prominent sense of entitle-
ment when it comes time for difficult ques-
tions and accountability explain why so
many Americans simply distrust Hillary.
by Carol Platt Liebau.


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