Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Dear Mr. Alderman Felts this is an
OPEN LETTER to you and certain
board members about "your" pre-
amble to the recently approved
Nolensville Code of Ethics from a
Majority of Local Citizens. (almost
500 people read the blog on Mon.
9/11, 12 PM. so don't even think
about not believing these sincere
comments from your neighbors.)

SECTION 1. Preamble. The citizens of Nolens-
ville are entitled to have fair, ethical & account-
able local government that has earned the pub-
lic's full confidence for integrity. (Mr. Felts you
& certain board members have failed miserably
to give us fair,ethical & accountable gov. that
has earned full confidence for integrity!)

Furthermore, the effective functioning of demo-
cratic government requires that public officials
comply with both the letter and spirit of the laws
and policies affecting the operations of govern-
ment; (Mr. Felts since you wrote this why
have you & certain board members not com-
plied with the letter & spirit of the laws of our
government?); public officials be independent,
impartial and fair in their judgment and actions;
(Mr.Felts all good words but very empty when
compared to you & certain board members)
;public office be used for the public good, not for
personal gain;(Mr. Felts you & certain board
members obviously missed reading this part?
Assassinating the character of fellow board
members and allowing realtor board members
(like the mayor) to sponsor client/realtors ord-
inances before the board and then collecting
agent fees from the same realtors?)

;fellow and public deliberations and processes
be conducted openly,unless legally confidential,
in an atmosphere of respect and civility.
( Mr. Felts too many closed meetings have occur-
ed to even list them...nothing open about them..
no respect or civility to board members left out
of these meetings?)

;To this end, the Town of Nolensville Board of
Mayor and Aldermen adopts this Code of Ethics
for the Town of Nolensville to assure public con-
fidence in the integrity of local government and
its effective and fair operation. (Mr. Felts as of
last thurs. 9/7 board meeting local citizens have
spoken out loud and clear that there are no
assurances of public confidence in the integrity
of our local government and its uneffective and
unfair operation!)

Mr. Alderman Felts, as you know, you and
fellow board members have two board meet-
ings left before the 11/7 election. The out-
spoken and the silent majority in Nolensville
have already confirmed what is common
knowlege on the streets of our town...that is
...do not vote for Dugger or Felts for alder-
man positions. Over 70% of blog readers
say they won't vote for you or Dugger.

And after last thursday's 9/7 board
meeting performance by "stonewalling"
interim mayor Dugger, Alexander,Lothers,
Notestine and you Mr. Felts we can only
agree with Mrs. Lother's opinion of...........
"how ashamed she was of the entire board!"

As for Alexander the Pudmeister & Puppet-
Master of the Lothers mayoral campaign
deep-down hater of selected fellow board mem-
bers & the American Flag and Pledge of Alleg-
ience what else is there to say?
Only one plea--
please resign...please...please...please!

Finally, Mr. Felts, it is over! It is too late for
you and the interim mayor to reclaim you
non-existant standing in this community for
fair and balanced representation. Instead of
the interim mayor and you APOLOGIZING
for your miserable behaviors why not both of
you take the next unselfish & repectable step
RESIGN before you embrass yourselves even
further and your families. A majority of local
citizens and voters are counting on you both
to do the "right thing."

***TIP for Mr. Felts & Mr. Dugger...Freedom
is a two-way street. You cannot expect voters
to accept your opinions and strategies as the
only way to do things..period! Stonewalling &
delays like "kicking the can down the street"
won't work anymore. If your apologies are not
accepted live with it. Your way is not the only
way. If your opinions and policies are not
accepted then you have to live with the conseq-
uences. Getting fired and resigning under pre-
ssure happen every day. It goes with the political
territory. Losing your "cool" won't save you in
the next two board meetings.

Now blog readers its your turn to send in your
most creative comments. Don't miss one post
on the blog. Register to vote and get your people
registered to vote..online..by mail do it now.

CLICK HERE for a complete Code of Ethics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the Preamble as edited by the blogmasters. What better way to help them to the door and defeat their arrogance than to use their own words to do it. Now its up to their own sense of what's right and the voters. Amen.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Felts has now gotten caught lying and insulting the board in his statements, I am calling on all decent citizens of this town to turn out at the next town meeting and demand the resignation of Larry Felts. He has embarrassed us for the last time, and all this bunk he tried to do about ethics will be a joke if not used on him.
People of Nolensville, this is a call to rally and demand justice be served on this man.

10:30 PM  

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