Monday, April 07, 2008

Nolensville Town Budget Cut $300,000 Over Last Year? Leaves $3.3 Million For New Budget to Cover Rocky Fork Fiasco?

Wonder if new budget covers the "over budget"
costs that new Rocky Fork bridge and road will cost?
Old deadline of November 2007 now extends to
August 2008. 9 more months to fix wrong concrete
used in bridge and raise new road 3 and one half feet
to meet new road around the cemetary.

Question? Why not make contractors pay for their
mistakes in the bridge and road? Good question!
Problem is that the Mayor and board refuse to make
contractors do it.

Result is the town will pay for the over budget costs.
The Mayor's hired outside consultants and two con-
tractors are not being held responsible---so the town
pays for their mistakes.

In a recent newspaper article the Mayor stood right
in the middle of the new Rocky Fork road "mistake"
and said she was watching the "details?" Not really
because two serious mistakes were committed right
under the noses of the Mayor and board and consul-
tants and codes and planning group.

How much longer will Nolensville try to govern with-
out a full time 24/7 professional city manager? A sea-
soned city manger would save the town thousands
his very first day on the job. Send your email to the
Mayor and tell her why she should hire a profess-
ional city manager NOW!

Read Tennessean article about budget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if new reduced budget still includes $10,000 or more to buy fireworks? No doubt this is a priority expenditure that the Mayor and Vice-Mayor demand.
So much for fiscal responsibility?
A professional city manager would really help determine necessary budget items. Politicans cannot and won't.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the town govt still pays John Lenderman 10,000.00 a year to "administer" the town's website. Good work if you can get it. Years of wasteful spending have the chickens coming ome to roost

9:24 AM  

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