Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heads Up Nolensville--Every Word Applies to Nolensville Board of Mayor & Aldermen!

♣ "We have had growth but our infrastructure
cannot handle the growth."

♣ "Name three issues...and tell us what plans
you have to have a positive impact on those
issues?" Growth and government spending in
check. Traffic (infrastructure). City government
answerable to all citizens and employees.

♣ "Infrastructure: There has been little if any
work done on... infrastructure over the past
years. We cannot continue to grow if we do
not start putting a heavy emphasis in making
sure we are prepared to handle the growth."

♣ "The current sense of the voters is that we
need change and the opportunity to bring a
newer level of professionalism and trust to

♣ "The city has not prepared itself to be able
to handle the growth which we have been
experiencing. Water, traffic, sewer are critical
issues that have not been addressed."

♣ "The city must spend money responsibly.
We need to prioritize spending on big ticket
items whether for new facilities for police and
city hall, for expansion of programs and
facilities for existing and newly acquired parks
or for infrastructure for water, sewer, and roads.
The coming years will require careful analysis of
future expenditures to ensure that present
residents and those who come later will have
a fiscally sound city."

All of the above were statements expressed by
Franklin's elected officials and it is no surprise
that they all apply to Nolensville.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can this pertain to Nolensville?
Haven't you heard?
Water, sewers and traffic have been priority issues for a long time, especially the last 18 months.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! 12:04 PM Where are you living? Under a rock? Yes, all three are priorities, but nothing has been accomplished. Water still not solved? Sewer for historic area still not solved? Traffic still a mess? Forget 18 months how about last 5 years? That's when planning commission was suppossed to plan for these priorities?

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers...very good post. Too bad elected officials probably won't read it and if they do they will ignore it. What else can one expect...Mayor and Swartz checking out the performance of contractors building new Rocky Fork road--now 8
months overdue and thousands over budget?

7:21 PM  

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