Friday, January 18, 2008


"This road project won't be finished until
this summer 2008" says Mr. Garland of

Florence & Hutcheson consultants hired
by Mayor Lothers. This 1.4 Million project

was supposed to be finished in 11/07.

How come you say? Well it appears no
one was watching the details? Like the
kind of concrete used in the bridge. The
contractor used "low-strength" concrete
that allows moisture and salt to easily
seep into it. So does the town fine the
contractor responsible for this based
on the details in the contract? NO!

Then as if that wasn't enough the road
bed was found to be three and one-half
feet below grade so that it doesn't meet
the new road around the cemetary? So

does the town fine the contractor respon-
sible for this based on the details in the
contract? NO!

What about the extra eight months beyond
the 11/07 deadline before the project is
finished? Will the town fine the contractor
X dollars per every month beyond the dead-
line? NO!

Where is it written we don't hold the contractor
liable for these mistakes and overruns? Isn't it
in the contract? Don't know? Maybe...maybe not?

Where does the buck stop in this town hall
administration? Why doesn't the Mayor and
board execute the details of the contract?

It appears the Mayor and company don't want
to demand the contract be fulfilled. This means

the town will bear the burden of the thousands
of dollars of extra costs spread over some eight

months in 2008. So much for fiscal responsibility?

Enjoy the abrasive coal slag, sand and cinders on
the new bridge. Sorry no salt is allowed. Anybody
know where you can get cinders to spread on
the new bridge? Tell the Mayor where to order
cinders before next winter? What if someone/s
car or truck slides off the bridge without any

salt or cinders on the ice? Can you say loud
and clear lawsuit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read about this Rocky Fork disaster in the paper. The Mayor was standing in the middle of the roadway smiling and said she was watching the details? The contractor and consultants are the only ones winning big time.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems odd that a contractor can provide a sub standard job and a township merely rolls over and takes it. Did the contractor have to post a performance bond? Wouldn't a bond cover a mistake like this? Does our mayor have the backbone to enforce the letter of the law? I truly do not believe Ms Lothers is acting in the best interest of Nolensville in this particular instance. The taxpayers will be liable for this substandard work for decades to come and the contractor will giggle with delight all the way to the bank.

11:53 AM  

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