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Town employee,
Don Swartz, City Engineer-
Codes Mgr.
and wife were accused of some
how being connected to fires set in
neighborhood, Old Hickory
Village, last year in October of 2007.

These accusations were made against
Swartzes on a website titled as follows:

that has detailed a
history devoted
entirely to specific accounts
about the
Swartzes and their local community.

Further research documents that
Swartzes and other couples did appear
in a
local court and the case was dis-

Another blog titled:
recounts many stories about the
the Swartzes living in Old Hickory Village?

Click here for Tennessean article.

Click here for 6/21/07 Re: Don Swartz.

The Swartzes have filed a lawsuit against
one of the
above bloggers.

Nolensville blog readers commented:

"Don Swartz left Nashville Codes either
under pressure or mutual agreement
because a lawsuit was brought against
him by other MEN in his office. It's on
the public record."

"Hi NolensvilleI'm a long time resident
of Old Hickory. I saw the link to this on
stopswartz.blogspot.com and on
swartzfacts.blogspot.com. It's amazing
that two different communities can have
such a dislike for one person. For any of
you who have had an encounter with Don
Swartz, I can only say that I know how you
feel. Any encounter with Don leaves a
person feeling as though he got some-
thing on him that needs to be washed off.
Maybe one day we will both get lucky and
he will leave Tennessee and go back north."

Another blog reader commented: "And
evidently she (Mayor) doesn't know any-
thing about hiring codes people. Go here
to see what one of the codes guys
does on his days off."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don Swartz has a real bad reputation in Nolensville. I think people can respect a codes persons job. There are other codes people in Nolensville that are liked.

Doing your job is one thing, but harassing people is another and thats exactly what Don Swartz does.

He has no class when doing his job down here in Nolensville.

I'm not surprised to hear all this stuff about him on these other blogs. Its really about time.

I don't know for sure but have also heard he was fired from Nashville and has a folder a half inch think with complaints.

I guess Don Screwed with a guy who does roofing in Nolensville and the guy sued the living daylights out of him from what I hear.

Don Swarts would be better liked if he was to leave Nolensville. Thats speaking for a lot of people.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From www.swartzfacts.blogspot.com
************************************************************* Well for us in Old Hickory,the residents that care about our community,we all know what he is. He is a piece of crap,village bully which is a odd term because he is a whiney assed wimp that hides behind his convicted felon wife Terry. Yes they have their little group of do gooders including another real piece of work,Shelly. His lawsuit against the bloggers is a waste of time. It is killing them that I moderate the comments which was my intention. But in all fairness I think I will allow their childish,rude comments once again so the sensible readers can see exactly what Old Hickory is dealing with. These people are evil,outsiders and we will not allow them to continue this reign of terror.Your God may forgive you,I WILL NOT. It is my mission to destroy you just as you destroyed us. The major difference in me and you Don and Terry and you also Shelly, I DO NOT BACK DOWN. I will use every legal means at my disposal.Old Hickory needs a parade and the day you leave you will have a great parade. The local number for U-Haul Don is: (615) 868-5081 Have a great day,wax your head,it is raining so apply some Rainx,make sure Terry has her dope before you leave. Have a wonderful day!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok here is the lowdown on Don Swartz from the Metro Nashville Codes department. He was fired. The same codes official told me that he had also heard Don was recently fired from Nolensville? Can this be confirmed by someone? Enquiring minds want to know.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys - there is a rumor here in Old Hickory that Don Swartz has been fired from his job in Nolensville. It comes from a reliable source. Can anyone confirm it? Great news for you guys if it is true.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it ever dawned on the residents of Nolensville and Old Hickory that this is a very sick man? Look at his actions in both places. He has his own agenda and will stop at nothing to acheive it. When someone dresses as a woman and his wife dresses as a man and removes election signs and was caught by Metro police what does that tell you about this person? His wife drives around Old Hickory in her gold van wearing a wig because she is so hated. I feel sorry for you guys in Nolensville for having to put up with this man and I can only hope and pray he will be fired.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard two rumors going around Nolensville about Swartz. One says he was fired and another says he is "no longer in codes?"
No longer in codes leaves the door open for him to still be employed by Nolensville? Tell the Mayor to fire him period. Town will be better off without him.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live around the corner from Don and his wife Terry. I see them almost every day (unfortunately). Let me tell you some things about them you probably don't know.

Usually they have 2 or 3 houses for sale that they have 'flipped'. They buy them cheap, do most of the work themselves and then sell them for more than they are worth. They bought two houses on one street for around $85K apiece and sold one for $162,000 and the other for $170,000. Why anyone would pay that much for such a tiny house and yard, I'll never know.

They also own multiple rental properties in Old Hickory. It is difficult at times to figure out exactly how many properties they own in Nashville because they have so many different company names.
They have names like DTS, Mocha...etc

They also own a very nice house overlooking the lake on Riverside Dr. Nice house, nice view, nice location. They own a Porsche Boxter, Chrysler, Dodge truck and gold colored van (that's the ones I know of). They also have a trailer they pull around with tools and supplies for flipping houses and until recently, a nice boat in the driveway but that may be in the 'garage' now.

They also own half-way houses/apartments in East Nashville and in Madison.

This is only what I know of right off without pulling a list. I'm sure there are more.

So you are probably asking yourself why Don finds it necessary to come to Nolensville and work once a week. I don't know either except that I know he likes conflict and he likes to make people hate him. There is also the power thing that I think may be the real reason. Whatever it is, I hope we both get rid of him soon.

Thought I would let you guys know a little about Don and that he really doesn't need his job in Nolensville.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you lived in Old Hickory you would know the name SWARTZ very well.Terry Swartz served time in federal prison for fraud and was known to most people in Old Hickory as a drug addict and seller of drugs.Don who hails from Illinois married her for whatever reason,I assume her money. He worked for metro codes but was fired. Terry has a CPA license and does taxes(Would you want her doing yours?),they spend each available minute harassing people,making idle threats,turning their neighbors into codes enforcement. When there was a election here they wore wigs to disguise themselves to remove election signs at night.They are a town bulkly in the greatest sense and I assume severe mental issues. Don has a hand gun carry permit which is illegal as his "Beautiful" wife Terry is a convicted felon and resides in same house. They sued bloggers using some half wit attorney.It is rumored that they burned down the shopping center in Old Hickory because they wanted a condo community there.The things they have done and continue to do is totally amazing.What is more amazing is the people will put up with it.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on my time living in Old Hickory which was last year until I moved I will add my comments. Don and his wife and their cohorts are nothing more than want to be thugs. I am actually shocked Don has not been killed based on his actions and how some people talk of him. One year there was enough for me. I bought another house and leased mine in Old Hickory. I feel sorry for the people there in one way but in another way I think if they sttod up to him and more important to his wife they would see a better life.They need to stand up and take action.

5:21 AM  

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