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Over 200 plus people packed town hall to witness
another MELTDOWN of the old Knapper/Dugger
reign with our interim mayor Dugger leading the
way to NOWHERE!!!!

People sensed the overall mean mood of most of the
board. So step by step the audience showed their
support for 5 or more citizens who commented on
the outrageous behavior and performance of this

Dr. Joe Curtsinger held his ground with this board.
Never raising his voice in anger, but defending his
position over and over as a true professional. Despite
accusatory attacks from every member of the board
he remained cool and razor sharp.

Dugger repeatedly threatened to evict people from
the meeting and the MELTDOWN began with people
getting up and leaving the meeting in utter disgust.
One left and shouted to the Mayor to SHUT UP!
More people began to "cough" and make all kinds of
sounds of protest.

Lady Beth-Weaver-Lothers attacked Curtsinger over
the rezoning of one of Dugger's realtor clients accusing
him of faulty logic and being unable to understand his
position. Dirty big secret was Lady Beth just doesn't
know what she is talking about period.

She recused herself from taking part in the mob men-
tality against Curtsinger because she is running for
mayor. She made a huge mistake in judgment assum-
ing Dugger and Felts would also rescuse themselves
because they were also running for office which is a big
conflict of interest. But no such luck...Dugger and Felts
plunged ahead to blazes with ethics...we have only one
thing on our mind and that was to get Curtsinger!

Lady Beth-Weaver-Lothers did herself in big-time she
had to sit there gagged & bound by the rules that allow-
ed her not to speak, comment or ask a question. Truly,
a blessing to many having been spared her "circular-
reasoning" and total lack of the facts about almost
every discussion she wedges herself into.

They started with Sherry Knapper's complaints against
Curtsinger. Entirely based on hearsay, gossip and
rumors. Absolutely no proof was affidavits
period. Notestine, town attorney recommended that the
board vote to hire an outside attorney. Motion was
made and Felts seconded it to hire outside attorney,
but then he had "second thots" and asked to cancel his

Dugger & Alexander and Felts, then tried to start
a "kangaroo court" to censure Curtsinger. Just as they
did for Felts. Wallowing around in the mud-slinging
with the audience making their disapproval known!

Suddenly, Notestine, town attorney reminded the
board that Sherry Knapper's attorney had sent in a
letter about the compaints. In Notestine's opinion
they had no choice but to hire an outside attorney
which they did. Alexander wanted some comments
submitted by Lynda Moses against Curtsinger in-
cluded. Town attorney said they really didn't mea-
sure up to anything worthy of consideration. In other
words just like Knapper's collection of gossip, rumors
and hearsay Moses' words were pure hearsay, gossip
and rumor. Curtsinger pointed out in the Code of
Ethics a paragraph that stated if a complaint about
ethics didn't rise to the level of an ethics violation
that it should be dealt with as a grievance in the
personnel manual. Again Dugger and Notestine knew
nothing about this in the Code of Ethics.

Next came Woodruff's complaints and grievances
against Curtsinger , that were filed incorrectly toget-
her and not according to deadlines in employees
personnel manual , as was pointed out by Curtsinger.
No one on the board or the town attorney knew any- ,
thing about personnel manual for town? Then came
the moment Dugger, Alexander and Felts longed for
the playing of the answering machine tape where
Curtsinger was supposedly attacking Woodruff for
his lack of fairly applying the town's sign's ordinance.
The content of the tape fell flat on the floor...despite
Dugger's efforts to inflate its importance.

Curtsinger then held up a hand full of personnel re-
ports about Woodruff's inability to peform his job in
a fair and equitable manner. He also asked Dugger
where are the job performance/evaluation reviews
on Woodruff's job history. Dugger had no answer
and town attorney didn't either. Dirty big secret is

By now you have caught the WAVE of disgust that
swept the entire audience about this current interim
mayor Dugger, his vice-mayor Alexander and their
two puppet aldermen...Felts and Lothers.

Finally, Dugger slowly and painfully came to the
conclusion that he had no choice but to make a motion
to hire an outside counsel to investigate Woodruff's
complaints. Imagined or otherwise?

Bottom line is Dr. Joe Curtsinger is a true "pro" who
knows what he is talking about. This board and town
attorney do not know what they are doing or how to
do it. Our town has been running without any kind of
leadership for months, even years. Everybody left
the meeting knowing this reign of incompetence is
DEAD...and it is time for a new professional team.

of the audience silently cheering him on. CLICK HERE
for more information on KANGAROO COURTS and
how they back fire on you and your clown friends.

Send in your comments and emails. Vote on 11/7/06.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dugger looked like a fool!
He also acted like a fool!
He walked in angry and left angry.
Joe Curtsinger had to spell out hoe the employee manuel worked, what line of order they need to take when issues come up. Curtsinger also had to explain the law to the Mayor.
The town mayor seemed fearfull for the board to make any comments on any of the two unproved claims against curtsinger for fear it wold come back to bite them in a real court of law. The town attorney said, what we say here can be used against us in a court of law.

Go figure, with such dumb clams in a time of electsion, people could read between the lines. All except the dugger camp.
The more questions asked by Alexander Dugger and felts, the bigger hole they dug for themselves.
If you are gonna be the mayor and run a town, learn the basics about employee manuals. If you don;t know the basics about running the staff, what makes you think you could run the town?

Sorry to leave so fast, but My toast is burning right now.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say, I was real upset at how this blog bashed these few people, however since I saw first hand for the first time in the BOMA meeting the other night how wreckless Dugger, Felts and all the others were, I now can say I agree!

It's hard to think people could act this way from reading a blog. We know that in blogs and forums, anything can be said. Now I have seen it with my own eyes.

I AGREE 100%

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a very sad day when those entrusted to run the town are only grasping at straws looking for a way to attack the only person upholding the will of the people who elected them. It's scary how much anger and rudeness the current mayor and alderman Felts exhibit, not only in this meeting, but in town meetings in general. I've already voted and you can be assured that Dugger, Felts, and Lothers were not my selections. Maybe it's time for term limits...
Monday is a national day of prayer for the vote. There are hotly contested races all over the U.S. and in the state of Tennessee this Tuesday.
Proud to be an American

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dugger can not possibly be a candidate of value. What has he done except to destroy the office of mayor. Why did he not run for mayor.


TURK 182

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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tom foolery. Hope you'al can fix him before to long. Git gooder soon. Our uncle tater helped us git this to you'al.

1:10 AM  
Blogger Guest Writer said...

Special Note to Blog Readers: Scott Alexander, son of Jimmy Alexander, Vice-Mayor of Nolensville, sent in a caustic, elitist criticism about some commenters who were probably in a hurry and mis-spelled a few words. Big whoopee! We did post his comment briefly and then decided not to keep it up on the blog since it was in such poor taste about our faithful readers. Nevertheless, one reader did read it and at 1:10 AM sent in his response to it. It was so right-on-target we thought you would enjoy it.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love you Joe!

6:41 AM  

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