Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Congress shall
make no law...
abridging the
freedom of
speech, or
of the press."
(1st amendment).

"No person shall be
deprived of life, liberty,
or property, without due process of law."
(5th amendment).

The First Amendment is often inconvenient.
But that is beside the point. Inconvenience
does not absolve our local government of its

In a previous Nolensville board meeting, Alderman Felts,
was "censured" without due process of law by Interim
Mayor Dugger, Vice-Mayor Alexander and Alderman Beth-
Weaver-Lothers. His free speech rights were violated
using the pretense of having violated the Code of
Ethics. Mr. Dennis Huffer, attorney, of Tennessee Muni-
cipal League stated in this board meeting that the Code
of Ethics probably didn't cover anything about slander or
libel. And yet, this board took it upon themselves to
censure alderman Felts any way without regard to his

Next Thurs. 11/2/06 @ 7 PM this same board will again
attempt a repeat performance of voting on a censure
of another alderman Curtsinger based on total hearsay,
gossip and false allegations brought by Sherry Knapper,
former wife of our former mayor. She is widely known
to be a long time viscious critic of Curtsinger with a
well known record of opposition to alderman Curtsinger.
Rich Woodruff, town codes enforcer, disliked by almost
everyone, has filed a complaint with town attorney
against alderman Curtsinger. He falsely claims he was
threatened by Curtsinger and is unable to perform his
duties without fear of retaliation. NEWS FLASH: More
false complaints filed by Lynda Moses, non-resident
and non-voter against Curtsinger. She also is widely
known to be a trouble-maker and all around "busy-
body" throughout the community. Her timing for
these complaints is highly suspect just days before
our election. NOTE! If town attorney, Bob Notestine,
carefully applies an impartial judgement to all of
these "hearsay" complaints he will DISMISS ALL OF
IT AS gossip and unproven accusations. OR HE WILL
IGATE EVERYTHING Dugger, Alexander, Felts and
Lothers have done to date. Also Curtsinger.

Since Dugger, Lothers and Felts are all running for office
and these complaints and whinning charges of so-called
imagined criticisms are totally hearsay all charges and
complaints should be dropped. This entire effort reveals
a last minute desperate effort to effect the election by
all three opponents of alderman Curtsinger.The conflicts
of interest literally SCREAM for citizen outrage & action.

You should plan to attend this board meeting and watch
closely how the board and our town attorney deal with
this totally politically UNCORRECT effort to influence
our local election process.

Election victory comes to those with the heart and com-
mitment to WIN! Dr. Joe Curtsinger, Nancy Kirby and
Craig Stuvick are all absolutely committed to winning
this election.
Because they know, as you do, that the
future and prosperity of our town depends on the
choice next Tuesday, 11/7.

In less than a week, your commitment will counted in
votes. In this fight, we cannot afford to fall short--not
by a single vote--or very soon we will see the conseq-
uences in a weak town government sold-out to special
interests and a future guaranteed property tax.

It is time to stand with Joe Curtsinger, Nancy Kirby
and Craig Stuvick so that together they can turn our
town's direction toward a sound fiscal policy. Now
more than ever your vote counts. Please do the right
thing and vote for Curtsinger/Kirby/Stuvick in this
final drive for victory.

URGENT NOTE: Information
you need to read before thurs. nite board meeting.
CLICK HERE for info on Knapper & Moses.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Joe Curtsinger has stood on principles and is fighting for Nolensville's future. Because of it, he has been vilified by Knapper and Moses over worthless gossip. By fellow board members, and by interim Mayor Dugger. The very thought of losing power and control is beyond their comprehension. Vote early till thursday evening and then plan to Vote Tuesday 11/7/06 for Curtsinger, Stuvick and Kirby. Vote to make your voice heard and give Nolensville the power to change direction with a new team.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran into some people from Bent Creek yesterday and they asked who they should vote for?
I suggested Curtsinger!
They said that was who they had in mind. Curtsinger is the only one on that board that will stand up and do whats right. No wonder you have people against him right now.
It's ashame you have to get all this flack for doing the right thing.

Funny how people expect you to do the right thing, however when you do, they get wierd.
You can't expect leaders to do the right thing and get upset when they do it.

Vote Curtsinger 2006

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The meeting just let out and it was a doozie.
People finally saw what a joke Dugger was.
People were walking out talking under their breath saying things like, "I never knew these leaders were that incompitant."
If more people would have come to thise meeting, they would have for sure seen first hand what Dugger and Co are really made of.
People were laughing at them outloud.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the 2 way and heard some good ole boys making fun of Dugger and this meeting.

Form what I've heard, I must have missed somthing real entertaining.

4:01 AM  
Anonymous daydreaminberly said...

My name is Kimberly.I was just surfing today and found this web site about running for election. seen a email address, so thought I would just write a hello to a relative. Anyways seen the name stuvick, its my maiden name, my father is Bernard Stuvick. I am his 4th born child. k. thats about it. Hello.

5:26 PM  

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