Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nolensville's Notorious 3-Amigos Are Back in the Saddle Ready to "Illegally" Censure Another Alderman on False Ethics Charges!

Nolensville is now the "laugh-out-loud"
joke of Williamson County and is
getting ready to do a repeat illegal per-
formance on Thurs. 11/2 board meet-
At your left is a black & white pic-
ture of alderman Larry Felts who was
censured by the 3-Amigos.
They are on the loose again! This time they are picking
on another alderman, Joe Curtsinger, who is running for
Mayor and leading the race! So what to do? Well for one
thing the Amigos cannot allow this particular candidate
to win so let's get up some trumped-up ethics charges to
some how smear his campaign. We can use the town
hall board meetings to get the job done...just like we
did before! CLICK HERE for article in today's paper.

Meet the new 3-Amigos team of Beth-Weaver-Lothers
riding up front and Alexander and Dugger riding "shot-
gun" on both sides of their "puppet-mayoral" candidate.
Pulling all the strings of their would-be puppet mayor.
Same old...same's that for a pristine, pure,
no negatives campaign that Lothers says she is runn-
ing? As a leading member of the 3-Amigos she is doing
exactly what Dugger & Alexander want her to do.
Masquerade as a puppet-mayor candidate so they can
hide behind her to continue to do business as usual.

In case you forgot the 3-Amigos held a "kangaroo
court" and censured alderman Felts on an ethics
charge without any outside legal representation, no
proof of guilt and no hearing. Beth-Weaver-Lothers
sponsored the motion to censure Felts and Alexander
or Dugger seconded it.
The new/old Amigos riding
high doing what they do best...that is censuring a
fellow board members wiithout due process of law!
Town Attorney recomended hiring an outside legal
counsel. Dugger said town couldn't afford it so they
ignored attorney and censured Felts.

Now here's the rest of the story...the 3-Amigos are
involved with our previous mayor's former wife who
filed some false ethics charges along with a town
employee, Rich Woodruff, of codes to file a whining
complaint and an ethics charge against alderman
and mayoral candidaate Joe Curtsinger. Voters all
over town are outraged that the Amigos are using
our town hall board meetings to score political


How can you as a registered local voter get rid of
this mess? Well for starters you can vote all of
them out of office permanently. Clean house and
start over with a new professional team qualified
to manage our town's affairs.
Vote for Joe Curt-
singer, proven leadership for Mayor, Nancy Kirby,
20 yrs. of local, state, federal government exper-
ience for alderman. And Craig Stuvick, solid citizen
with 25 yrs. professional managment experience for

Don't settle for the same old...same old rigid way
of "guaranteed majority" rule of our local govern-
ment. Do not vote for Lothers who has sold out
to the old leftovers Duggers and Alexander. Let's
stop this flimsy masquerade that the 3-Amigos
are trying to sell to local voters.
Knapper and
Dugger lost millions in impact fees for our town.
Lothers, Dugger and Felts DO NOT KNOW
HOW to overcome this loss of funds. Vote them
out of office permanently on 11/7/06. Halloween

comes early to Nolensville Politics CLICK HERE

Send in your comments and emails. Vote early
till 11/2/06 or on 11/7/06.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The amigos are back and talking to the press about how to go about censuring another alderman. How about censuring Dugger, Alexander and Lothers??? Everybody knows they have stepped on or broken all kinds of procedures. Dugger votes for himself. Alexander goes behind the board for a water letter for a developer. And Lothers participates in numerous meetings outside the Planning Commission? When do they get investigated?

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this weren't so sad, it would be funny. Talk about desperate. And yes, it is obvious from the email that Alexander has already made up his mind before hearing the evidence before him. This group cannot objectively vote on this ethics charge so close to the election. It would be an obvious conflict of interest since 3 of them are running for office and the 4th one is the 'accused'. Not to mention that Alexander has already made up his mind.

All should be legally required to recuse themselves and Dr. C should have a right to an impartial investigation.

It makes an honest person's blood boil...

And I had hoped that Beth, although I don't believe that she is the best candidate would be above all this.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This little hick town (Nolensville) is a prime example of how people can put rules/policies/procedures in place so that what ever you say and do is against some rule or policy that you created. One thing in today's (Fri.11/27)article is correct.
Nolensville, you are the laughing stock of Williamson County. You lost your small town charm years ago when the honorable(and I use that term loosely) Charles Knapper and his crew created this mess.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

find if funny that someone puts a bunch of hate mail out on Joe Curtsinger, and just because likely suspects are named, it dosent mean they are the ones who did it.
However because of all the statements Lynda Moses and Sherry knapper have made against Joe Curtsinger, they would be the first to take a look at. In America, you are innocent until proven Guilty.
That's the ABC's of police work. Everyone knows this so good luck making ing jerks out of yourself.
Typical move from Knapper!

I can only say this about Woodrich, he is one of the most disliked people in nolensville for not playing a level field.
He has a way of inforcing some things and not others.

I think what Curtsinger is saying is, if you want to enforce sign codes, enforce them all.
Don't pick and choose!
This is not a threat but good advice from a level headed guy.

BTW, Curtsingers motives had nothing to do with the content of the mans sign. It was the idea of enforcing these rules completely.
However a child was hit by a car not long before the sign went up and the man was upset who put the sign up.

Once again, it had nothing to do with the content of the sign.
It's about time someone calls Rich Woodruff on his unethical actions.
This is why we need people to vote for Joe Curtsinger so this nonsense stops.
Go Joe!

9:04 PM  

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