Monday, October 16, 2006

Will the Real John Lenderman (Nolensville Dispatch) Please Introduce Yourself Now!

A majority of our guest writers are convinced that Gardiner
Jones of bulletin board is really a front for
John Lenderman of Nolensville Dispatch. When you think
about it they do seem to support the same people. Lender-
men supports Knapper/Dugger/Alexander/Felts and Loth-
ers 100%. Because they pay his contract of $7,000 to main-
tain the town hall website. Jones supports the same people
and is hoping to get some of that $7,000 for working on the
town website? What better way to do it than to become the
storefront ( bulletin board) for Lenderman's Dispatch news-
paper. They both support Lother's, Dugger and Felts.

Remember the paper published a front page article on
Lothers and nobody else. They didn't publish any news
about Felts being censured. And certainly no bad news
about Dugger's many violations of procedure and code
of ethics. Guess what neither did the Nolensville Bulletin unfavorable news whatsoever. A clone and/or
copycat of the newspaper and who they support and
who they don't.

The ole' G-Man, (a "wanna-be" assimulated Borg using
his left eye to control people?), knows who to schmooze
up to in order to get into the good-ole'-boys club. Trouble
is there may not be a good-ole'-boys club to join after
11/7/06. And if that is true it means big trouble right
here in "river city" for doing business as "usual!" A
brand new team of professionals will clean house and
not put up with this kind of "grade-school" governing

People are beginning to feel a new wind blowing even
old timers and new residents alike are vowing to vote
for a brand new team that is long overdue!

Plan now to vote early 10/18 to 11/2. Or on 11/7/06.
Send in your comments and emails ASAP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The entire Nolensville government situation is now skewed to favor developers and special interests.
I'm afraid most of the town voters really don't know or care.
We need fresh faces in most cases.

8:09 AM  

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