Friday, October 13, 2006


Lady Beth-Weaver-Lother's campaign team has hit
the "bottom" of the streets of Nolensville "hard!" That
is to say key members of her advance team headed-up
with members from the pool of highly criticized Christ-
ian community bulletin board site are on the prowl.
These vindicative posters are now going-door-to-door,
business-to-business repeating unproven accounts
about her opponents running for Mayor.

Apparently, the internet isn't working for their camp-
aign so they are being forced to carry their message of
hate and untruths about the personal matters of their
opponents in order to delude themselves into believing
this will help Lothers win. Not so! It will guaranteed
her defeat by voters who will never say anything, but
they hate this kind of campaigning.

SOOOOOOooooooo much for the super Christian
principals of Lady Beth-Weaver-Lothers. It is pro-
bably too late to call off the rumor-mongers because
the damage has already been done. It is very hard to
call off the attack dogs when they are loose and run-
ning wild with a despicable message that you, Lady
Beth hopefully did not approve.

Usually, to be a hypocrite one has to have standards.
Amazingly, it seems these supporters of Lothers
have achieved the nearly impossible being hypocrites
without having any standards at all? Don't forget
Lother's convicted and censured alderman Felts
without any opportunity to defend himself. Of course
she asked Felts to apologize for statements he never
admitted to making?

They have sharpen their posting "fangs" on the
bulletin board site by attacking each other for
months. Now they have taken their pathetic
show on the road or streets of our town to try
and defeat candidates they don't like.

No doubt politics can be a very messy business.
But Lother's having this mob of malicious inter-
net attack "posters" as your support team
knocking on doors is a sure way to make enemies
and lose voters 24/7. We have checked with
many local business owners who do not want
to be quoted that say these people are hurting
their business and they are not welcome.

Many of these people have cutsey-pie would-
be not-so-clever names posted at the top of
their attack messages. Don't be fooled for one
nanosecond they will turn on you and attack
you quicker than you can blink. They have
absolutely no educated background to discuss
issues that our town is struggling with. They
only want to attack an opponent with per-
sonal attacks that have nothing to do with
the election.

If you see or hear a Lother's Attack Team at
work run the other way. The best strategy
is not to talk to them at all...period.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Blog is razor right! We were in a local restaurant last Sat. nite and had to sit and listen to someone in the next booth do exactly what the blog said. We can't mention names, but everyone knows this infamous, non-resident and non-voter who constantly wedges into town affairs and isn't welcome. Beth Lother's better find a way to muzzle this person quick. Sorry its probably too...late...sorry.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be glad when the voters finally say"Enough of this joke and send her home". Enough of this game alexander and dugger have carried on.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess? LM?
Slymo lymo? Dynamo?

6:46 PM  

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