Sunday, October 08, 2006


Local Presbyterian congregation surprised to see local
candidate Mrs. Beth-Weavers-Lothers, who is running
for Mayor in their service. Church's pastor was out of
town who had he been there would probably have wel-
comed her to the church. Unfortunately, while he was
absent Lother's a Mayoral Candidate couldn't resist
doing some "politicking" by greeting each member as
they left the church. You know the drill..."Hello, my
name is Beth-Weavers-Lothers and I am running for
Mayor and I would appreciate your vote.
Despite the
fact that solicting votes in the church is against the matter it's only a little bit wrong. Besides they
are all Christians and they will understand it really
was quite harmless and everybody does it. Even our
former President Clinton campaigned in churches
nationwide and still does. So much for the law

Ready for comes just one of the many
responses you'll hear..."Well, I am so
know I am new to politics and you'll just have to
forgive me and help me do better." Forgiveness
is what Christians do isn't it? (Time out!)

What is being attempted here is an effort to divide
those in the church from those outside the church
in order to capture a few votes. Sounds despicable
and not worthy of a Christian right? Well do not
for one minute believe this kind of strategy doesn't
go does and is happening in our election. By
those who delight in hiding under the umbrella of
the church. It isn't right, but when votes are being
sought too many times doing the right thing gets
lost. Church mailing lists and directories should be
off limits to politicans. But not in Nolensville.

Folks we'll keep reminding you of how to vote.. the
following names are part of the old Knapper/Dugger
10-Year Giveaway of our town's resources and these
people Dugger, Alexander, Felts and now Lothers
should be voted out permanently. You can do it.

Send in your comments and emails. Get your friends
to vote either early 10/28 Sat. thru Thurs. in our
Recreation Center or on 11/7 at the Safety Center on
Sunset Road.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a very good thing...that the blog sees all and can discern what's really going on in our town. How right you are...using the church to glob onto some votes. I don't want to hear one more time from her about how inexperienced she is and that we have no choice but to help her. Stuck on stupid we are not. Go ahead and keep this kind of approach up and she will lose votes in and out of the church. If she is emailing to church members something I heard...she will be sorry. Vote for Dr. Kirby someone who know who she is and what needs to be done. Good grief.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm new at this"
...September 2006
Beth Weavers Lothers

We know what you and Dugger are up to Jimmy. Poor Beth.
Vote 'em out!

6:25 AM  

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