Saturday, September 30, 2006


What about it, Mr. Felts? You got no chance
to say on your own behalf..guilty or not guilty?
Yes, you avoided any & all kinds of investi-
gation, but your friends just assumed you
were GUILTY and passed a motion to
CENSURE YOU! For what? For your partial
apology to the volunteer fire dept? Can't be
based on an investigation? There wasn't one?

And a surprise?, Lady Beth-Weavers-Lothers
(self-appointed Chaplain of the board) quoted
many Bible verses to justify this action and to
encourage you to apologize prior to any kind of
customary outside attorney investigations. She
also revealed her agonies in prayer over how she
should vote?

We have it on very good authority that when
an alderman mixes religion with politics some-
one always loses their head and/or their run for
elected office. Voters do not like it and they
have proven over and over they will not vote for
Lady Beth-Weavers-Lothers for mixing politics
with religion.

Customary and legal procedure protects your
rights and entitles you to a fair and honest
investigation. Before you can be CENSURED.
Of course, if you and your friends decided prior
to hearing that you would have to accept a cen-
sure to avoid a proper investigation THEN SO
BE IT? During the hearing you sat silent refus-
ing to apologize so it appears this was the
agreed upon "strategy" to avoid any and all
kinds of outside attorney investigation.

Your agreed upon strategy prior to the hearing
certainly must have eased Alderman Alexander's
fears about Nolensville's dirty laundry appearing
in the newspaper for all to read. Also interim
mayor Dugger's awful fears about spending too
much money on outside attorney representation.

Its a WIN-WIN situation you, Mr. Felt's,
walk away as though nothing happened with a
tender slap on your wrist. Of course, you
apparently knowing in advance how all of this
would turn out must have been pleased with
the result. But don't be mislead about how
people in the audience felt...disgusted, dis-
appointed in you and most of the other mem-
bers of the board.
If indeed, this entire hearing was a pre-plann-
ed performance to protect you and the board
from an outside attorney investigation...the
truth will OUT!

Until that happens most of the voters in the
audience made up their minds about the
coming election and who to vote for. It will
be a sweeping house cleaning to stop this
kind of outrageous, small town, politics.
People are just not STUCK ON STUPID!
CLICK HERE for Sunday's newspaper
article on censure of Alderman Felts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just cannot beat small town corrupt back room politics being blessed with key Bible verses from a new (totally inexperienced) unelected appointed alderman. Talk about being "used" Felts and Lothers must be stunned at how they have been used to protect Dugger and Alexander from being investigated.Or no surprise they may be in on the entire scam? Either way vote them all out!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Lord!
But I would pray to the lord before entering a public forum.
Not while in the middle of a serious issue like this.
Or at least pray to myself.

Also, I was beside myself that during this public meeting, Dugger and Notestein were smiling and giggleing at each other while "Serious Issues" were at stake.

Nice leaders!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this what we have to look forward to under a Loathers jed administration. Bibles distributed with every agenda? Preplanned dogooder speeches from Mister Rogers amd Sesame Street to care for your allies, And then there is Alexander the snake slithering around under a woman's skirt. Come on people, WAKE UP. Those of us there could clearly see a preplanned event. VOTE NO TO FELTS AND DUGGER< VOTE NO TO LADY WEAVERLATHERS this Nov. 7th.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really stinks is John Lenderman and his bias newspaper. It's all about Beth Loather's and the platform the old Dugger regime is supporting. Why? Lenderman is on the town's payroll for a sum of 7k or more for updating the town's website. Hey' I can do for a lot less. Or is this a good old boy job. With this amount of money being paid this job out Townhall.
Not once did his paper mention the news about the censoring of Felts.
You had to read about this in a real newspaper, the Tennessean, or maybe seen the news on the local tv stations. Get real Lederman,,,,report all the news, not just the news that will keep your wallet fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:13 PM  

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