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Who Are The Most Qualified Alderman Candidates To Vote For 11/7/06 in Nolensville Elections?

Introduction/Background/Candidates for
*(Rating points Per Qualifications).

Walter T.(Tommy) Dugger III, Interim Mayor
& Former Alderman under previous Mayor
Knapper who resigned in early 2006.
(135 Points)

*Married to Linda for 26 years and have four
children. Attend Tusculum Hills Baptist and
lived in town since 1992.

* Nashville native attended Glencliff High
School in Nashville.

* Worked for 27 years at Colonial Bread as
Sales Manager. Left in 2004 to go into Real
Estate business.

* Served on the Board since town incorporated
in 1996, as alderman, vice-mayor and interim

*Served on Planning Commission, Zoning and
Beer Board.

*Only after public outcry Dugger voted to
change ordinance to zero bonus density for
developers to 1.8 per acre as standard sub-

*Served for ten years on Knapper's board and
voted for 11 or more high-density housing
developments without charging ONE IMPACT
fee for town thereby losing multiplied

MILLIONS of dollars for Nolensville.

*During the Knapper/Dugger 10-Reign the
town's relationship with the County Mayor
and Commission grew worse and worse.

*During Dugger's service to the town the
board, planning commissions and zoning
continue to try an play "catch-up" with the
11-15 housing developments they approved
without one dime's worth of IMPACT FEES.

*Dugger's new appointment of Lother's to
oversee a Design Review committee outside
the Planning Commission is a duplication of
committees and should be brought back
under the Planning Commission's responsib-
ility where it should be in the first place.

*Dugger & Alexander refused to fund any
expansion of fire hall and lost control of town
board meeting.
Alderman Curtsinger, Fire
Chief and 40 firefighters demanded that the
vote be allowed to take place to fund the ex-

* For 10 years under the Knapper/Dugger
local government citizens were kept in the
dark about the facts and barely allowed to
speak 3 minutes in board meetings.

*Dugger mentions total budget of 2 million
dollars as a result of state adequate facilities
tax of $1.00 per sq. ft. of new homes. Neither
he or Knapper had anything to do with getting
this money.

* During last board meeting Dugger was asked
why the treasurer's report shows the town has
spent over 34% of its budget? This means town
will run out of money very soon! He nor town
recorder could answer why the 34%?

*Knapper and Dugger for 10-years have had
nothing to do with our no property tax benefit.
Sad to say from now on only a miracle can avoid
a hefty property tax due to the Knapper/Dugger
10-year reign of total irresponsibility.

The "Knapper-Dugger" reign of irresponsible
local goverment has got to stop...end that is!
The 11/7 election is the logical place to start
to vote in a new, professional team. Therefore,
we cannot recommend you vote for Dugger
for Alderman.


Mr. Larry Felts, Alderman whose term
expires in 11/06, and is running for Alder-
man on 11/7/06.

*Lived in town since 1983. Married to wife Nita
and raised two children here.

* Recently retired from long and distinguished
service with 118th Airlift Wing in Nashville.

*Served on Recreation board and was a Reserve
Deputy with Williamson Ct. Sheriff's Dept.

* Former President of Greystone Homeowners
Assoc. and President of County Chapter of MADD.

*Served under the Knapper/Dugger team that
ignored Impact Fees from developers and cost
the town Millions of Dollars. Voted for high-density
developments over and over.

* Realized too little and too late that town has been
robbed of impact fees it was entitled to but denied
due to 10 years of neglect and lack of action.

* Used very bad judgment in accusing fellow alder-
man of obtaining loans from Fire Dept. along with
other accusations. Later, proved to be totally false

* Found it very difficult to support fire dept. needs
for funds to expand fire hall. Only after a long and
out of control board meeting did he finally vote yes.

Due to his recently CENSURED STATUS he is no
longer a viable candidate for alderman. Therefore,
we cannot recommend him nor ask you to vote for
him. In the strongest possible terms DO NOT VOTE


Ms. Nancy Kirby, Doctor/Clinical Psychology
running for Alderman 11/7/06. (400 Points)

* Solid citizen credentials who is willing to work
very hard for town and arrive at impartial decis-
ions that will help our town move forward.

*Strong supporter of a wide range of citizen input
without any strings attached. Residents must be
heard and feel like their opinions really matter.

*Willing to meet the developers head-on so that
their prosperity doesn't come at the expense of
our town's infrastructure.

* Work to be more fiscally responsible and avoid
the loss of valuable dollars due to ignorance and/or
bad timing.

* She is a fiercely independent woman more than
capable of interacting with all kinds of people and
used to using her advanced degree training to get
the best solution.

Dr. Nancy Kirby will be a superb alderman and we
are delighted to recommend her and ask that you
vote for her on 11/7/06. Education in this fast paced
world is where it is at...the more advanced degree
people we can elect the better. Nolensville is crying
out for a professional team of highly educated talent.


Mr. Craig Stuvick, 25 Yr. Ingram Product
Manager (300 Points)

*Moved to Nashville in 1992 and to Nolensville in
1996. Married with one daughter.

* Worked with schools on many projects and is an
assistant soccer coach.

*Willing to think outside the box for new and fresh
ideas to manage the overwhelming growth.

* Has responsiblity for multi-million dollars worth
of inventory at Ingram on day to day basis.

* Experienced in working with mutiple departments
in a very large company to meet different goals.

*Maintains open and on-going communications with
state and county officials.

* In favor of controlled growth that balances the
residential and commercial areas.

* In favor of expanding fire department to full time
basis when the funding is available.

* Knows how important it is for board and planning
commission to work closely together.

We strongly recommend Craig as our newest and next
alderman on 11/7/06. His background in managing a
key dept. budget will go a long way to help Nolensville.


Mr. Ken Thomas of Connect Ministries

*Married to Norma Thomas with two children.
Norma serves as Pharmacy Mgr. at the new Krogers
at Concord corner.

* Ken looks forward to using his gifts to help our town
face the critical challenges ahead.

* Coaches Little League Baseball and helps young men
develop sportsmanship and integrity.

* Willing to work hard to develop a new, fresh
approach to solve our town's challenges.

Although we are impressed with Mr. Thomas' abilities
we have decided to recommend Mr. Craig Stuvick and
Dr. Nancy Kirby for the two open alderman seats.
We suggest Mr. Thomas volunteer for many of the
open seats on our boards and commissions.

TO VOTING EARLY 10/18 OR ON 11/7/06.


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