Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spring Hill Will Hire New Finance Director and New City Manager! Nolensville Needs to do the Same!

So who is watching
Nolensville's Budget?

Not the Finance Director?
We don't have one?

Not the City Manager?
We don't have one?

Spring Hill's Board went over budget by
3 Million Dollars! Their revenue projections
were way off! State stepped in and suddenly
they have found the money to hire two new
key people! One to manage the budget and
another to manage the city free of politicans!

Wake up Nolensville residents! Time to take
charge and demand town do exactly the
same as Spring Hill! No more smoke and

Everybody knows about the mess of firing a
police officer. Nobody knows where or how
much Rocky Fork will end up costing? More
law suits on the way!

Read about Spring Hill"s decision to hire
qualified people ASAP!


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