Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nolensville (Board) Approves $3.6 Million Budget with Little or No Discussion or Fanfare!

No discussion...very little attendance
and no fanfare---you decide what this
report means?

Can you possibly accept the fact that
nobody really cares about the town's
budget details?

And the fact that the town's "guaran-
majority vote" on the board
approved this
budget unaimously is
absolutely no surprise.

Here are a few details about this bud-
get that
most don't even want to think
about--$1 Million
to help COUNTY reno-
vate the 35-year old Nolensville
tary school PROPOSAL. And then
"maybe" town would be allowed to
occupy a small amount of space for
town hall? Nobody
said anything about
a new recreation center?

County would continue to own school.
would probably have to lease the
space for a
town hall from the county.
Proposal--means it
may or may not
ever happen?

$12,000 for a Codes department car--
& we don't have a Codes dept. Manager?
At least not yet?

$47,000 for a fire truck and $250,000
town's 50%
share to match the county's
50% share to build a new addition to the
town fire hall. Good deal!

Don't forget the 4 to 6 cent tax increase
per $100
of accessed value. Still not
enough to support
the town's obligations
and No Impact Fees in Sight? You decide
if we are on the right track?

Something to think about? Nashville
Metro controls
the sewer fees! Private
Water Company controls
the water fees!
County controls the schools! County
owns most of our fire hall!

What does our
town board really control
after all? You decide?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess the only thing left is the Police Dept. and what's left of the Road Maintenance Crew? Mayor has "farmed-out" the engineering, and codes functions to outside consultants that charge higher fees. Also out of state consulants working on "impact fees?" Might as well "farm-out" Planning Commission. Then everthing can run on "auto-pilot" without any board meetings.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were at the meeting and read the article in the paper, money was set aside for a Town Hall and Recreation Center.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello 2:03 PM your comment clearly shows you total ignorance of funding a budget. Did it every occur to you what "set aside" means? The fact that a staff writer said the money was "set aside" doesn't mean anything. You have already swallowed the term hook, line and sinker. Just once think about how the town can set aside money they don't have in the first place? Yes we attended the meeting and NO ONE asked any questions! So the town will get exactly what this administration will allow you to know about the budget and everything else.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when does the rec center open?

8:43 AM  

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