Saturday, March 14, 2009


Follow the money. It never fails!

It turns out Frank Wilson holds the
deed on the property where his
daughter lives and where Verizon
hopes to put a cell phone tower.
Guess who gets the $1,000 per month
for the cell phone tower? You guessed
right Frank Wilson. (Follow the $$'s).

Last thursday BOMA--board of Mayor
& alderman held a workshop on whether
to move the historic center of town to the
strip mall. Opps! One small problem came
up they (board) already voted to do it with-
any citizen input. Oh well? Wonder why
they were in such a rush to move the center
of town?

Follow the $$$'s! Developer of the strip mall
reduced the cost of the new town hall by over
$80,000. Case closed. Forget history follow the

Mystery question? Where's the Mayor? Anybody
know? She has missed last three meetings? All
kinds of rumors floating about? Aldermen don't
know? Or so they say?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

$1,000 ! Say now thats a lot of Hay !
Strange, sneaky stuff going on however we Hope the mayor & family is well.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh guess what? Frank Wilson now is going to sell his land to the town for the new stop light. GET HIM OFF OUR BOARDS MAYOR LOTHERS!!!!! It makes EVERYONE look bad! Must be nice to have a whole town bankroll your retirement....

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The meeting started with a lecture from Rick Owens about respect and that they are looking out for the best interest of our town, etc etc. As he reads the name of the first person to speak at the citizens comments, he snickers. I guess the rules don't apply to him. Come to find out one of our citizens that is against the new town center building received a threatening phone call to "be careful". Nice.

The Mayor and board ignored the legal knowledge of a land use attorney, who unlike the town attorney is an expert in the matter of cell towers and zoning, They of course passed the tower right through, but they gave us a nice show of going to bat for the residents and wasting time talking about the fence and shrubs. The Mayor made sure the evergreens and other shrubbery would up to par with our landscaping ordinance, and that we would have vinyl fencing not chain link fencing. Whew, we feel better. That was really what we were angry about. Not the 195 pole that will be sticking up in the middle of town and emitting radiation into several homes.

Frank Wilson excused himself from that portion of the meeting and reserved the right to speak, but then said he knew the town would do the right thing. Hummm.....They did a great job of only having Verizon lawyers stand up and speak, and being naive enough to to think everything Verizon told them was fact, and ignoring citizens concerns.

Up next, payment to Mr. Wilson for his land for the stoplight. Since Mr. Wilson's "projects" seem to come before the board for some kind of approval or payment, maybe the Mayor would think about relieving him of his duties? I don't mean to point out the obvious or be so radical in my thinking. Just a suggestion.

8:55 PM  

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