Thursday, June 26, 2008


Cocoa Beach, Fla. will save $70,000 when
they cancel their 2008 fireworks display.

Nolensville,TN. will spend $5 to $10,000 and
ignore the fact that the town budget had to be
cut $300,000. Oh yes, a certain percentage
of the $10,000 will be donations.

You decide would you rather blow-up ten
grand or more in fireworks or give it to the
local schools and library--that suffered a
cut in funds from the town budget.

In a recent newspaper article the Mayor said
the budget committee must have done a very
thorough job because no one came out to the
meeting to ask any questions.

Here's the big dirty little every town
hall meeting local citizens are only allowed
a few short minutes to ask any questions.

And the town board is not required to answer
any questions from citizens.

SOOOOOOOOoooo since no copies of the
budget are provided to local citizen/voters
prior to the budget meeting. Nobody knows
what is going on with the budget?

Now you know why nobody attends the
town hall meetings! Here's a scary thot!
What if local citizen/voters demanded a

"line-by-line" explanation of the budget
in an open public meeting where the
board was required to answer every
question from local citizens.

Here's a starter question...How much

money will eventually be spent on the
new Rocky Fork bridge and road?

Why hasn't the board demanded that
the consultants and contractors be
penalized and/or fined for the mistakes?

You can come up with many more items
to question the Mayor and/or board.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just moved to Nolensville and we like it very much. However, after just one town hall meeting we left early. The blog is right on the town hall board needs to update themselves and join the real world. Residents should rise up and demand more time to voice their comments and demand answers.
This Mayor and Board will not be able to continue to stonewall the
local residents.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolensville is a wonderful place to live. Our family has lived here for several generations. We have seen many changes especially the new subdivisions. Unfortunately, the new developments springing up overnight have shown how unprepared our town board is. The board should have made the new developments pay their way. But they didn't. So like Brentwood they need to hire a professional
city manager with the authority to
work without political bias.

7:18 PM  

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